Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time for a change

There was a time when we thought that parquet was the best option for Ilaria's room's floor. As she was pretty static and the weather was warm until now, we didn't think too much about comfort, having in mind just the cleanliness control. And the truth is that a short look at parquet is enough to get information on everything-is-OK or there-is-something-to-be-done.

the "before" picture

But things changed - Ilaria became active and the weather turned cold, so the parquet didn't fulfill our expectations anymore. We decided it's time for a carpet.
Last week-end the plan turned into reality.
The main beneficiary was pleased to test the carpet's capabilities:

the "during" picture
She made great progress in walking since then:

the "after" picture
She is still testing and didn't complain about any inconvenience until now ;-)
Thanks, Bogdan B.! You were of great help, as usual!

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bogdyb said...

You are welcomed! Like always, a pleasure for us to meet. And beside, the pumpkin pie was delicious... Not to mention the pizza...

Sue said...

We have hardwood floors throughout our house. I've really liked having them because it makes cleaning up messes so much easier, especially when the kids get sick! But the floors are cold in the winter, you really can't stand to walk around without slippers. This is the time of year when I long for a nice thick carpet!

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