Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The sweetest word we've ever heard: "păpuşa" (the doll)

Adrian mentioned the word on Sunday. Ilaria liked it and since then she keeps on repeating it. I'm sure she knows she melts our hearts by doing this, as, when she wants us to stay with her longer or when we are sad, she suddenly smile and say the sweetest word we've ever heard. I could spend hours just looking at her saying it:

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Friday, July 22, 2011

On us lately


♥♥ her vocabulary become richer and richer with every new day. She started with "nu" (no), "nani" (sleep), "apa" (water), "Ana" (her cousin), "pa!" (good bye), "bavo!" (short form of bravo!), "sizi" (instead of "suzi" = "pacifier"), "papa" (food), "ham" (dog's barking), "mami" & "tati" and now she also says: "nenea" (any man on the street), "papu" (short form of "papuci" = "shoes"), "caca" (poo), "pufu" (short form of "pufuleti" = some snacks), "ia" (take this), "hai" (come), "sus" (up), "pisi" (cat), "cra" (crow), "Mama" (instead of "Mara", her friend from the park), "măr" (apple), "miam" (that's how she asks for food), "catea" (short form of "cartea" = book), "aşa" (like this), "bebe" (baby).

♥♥ she is trying her best in pronouncing any word we ask her to pronounce. When we started this kind of game she was repeating the word as we were asking her to repeat, except for "cuţu" (dog), which she was replacing with "ham" (dog's barking) :-)

♥♥ any flying creature is a "cra" (crow) for her. Few days ago when she noticed a big fly, of course she called it "cra" :-)

♥♥ she is jealous. Adrian is her and only her. She cannot stand to see me kissing him or holding his hand. Immediately when she notices such daring behavior of mine, she comes toward us, screaming "nu, nu, nu, nu", and she pushes me away from HER Daddy

♥♥ currently she has only 3 favorite meals: supa de galuşte, ciorba de fasole verde cu perisoare de pui, mâncare de mazăre cu pifteluţe de pui la cuptor.

♥♥ and what bother me the most these days:

she throws food on the floor.......
I've explained her about poor children not having any food at all, I've told her it's not a nice behavior so she should stop doing it, I've told her I will slap her hands, I even slapped her hands.... She learned something: she knows it's something bad:

but she keeps on doing the same and to drive me crazy:

baby girl

♥♥ on 11th this month we had another appointment with the gynecologist. We were told our baby girl is perfectly developed, according to the calendar, and she weights about 800gr.

♥♥ she is super-active and strong (I compare her movements with Ilaria's in the same stage of development).

♥♥ only 3 months to go and we still didn't fully decide on her name. We had a list of preferences: Ana, Maria, Dionisia, Valeria. Now our favorite is Rebeca. I'm very happy with "Rebeca", but Adrian still has some doubts. He would prefer a "happier" name, ending in "aria" or at least in "ria", the same like Ilaria does. 

 me and Adrian

♥♥ on Friday, 15th, we've celebrated Adrian's birthday and 5 years of marriage!

Happy Birthday, Adrian! And many happy years together for us!

We had fun at Zoo Tg. Mures (www.zootirgumures.ro/), on a too hot day

together with our parents:

♥♥ spending 15th of July by visiting a Zoo garden seems to had became a custom for us, as last year we were visiting Zoo Brasov. So, which Zoo for next year? ;-)

♥♥ apart from the surprise with Zoo garden (Adrian drove us there knowing only the address), Adrian got another symbolic surprise:

After 5 years from our wedding day, I finally made our wedding photo album. The album was our wedding gift from my sister and it turned out gorgeous! And it's a huge satisfaction to have another project finished!
It was a great feeling to remember those happy moments!...
The doing process:

Kisses from us and have a marvelous week-end!
Ralu & Co.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

One thousand gifts (part five)

I continue the wonderful experience of counting my life's blessings.
I am grateful also for:

58. rainy days, when Ilaria enjoys every single slop that comes our way

59. blogs, which give me the opportunity to witness (right from my kitchen) other mothers' experience in rising a family
60. Ilaria sleeping over the night, non-stop
61. days when I am efficient and I feel I could move the mountains
62. cooking being more like a hobby than a chore for me
63. Ilaria being an easy learning child
(30.05.2011. Ilaria is very natural with hand writing. Nobody taught her how to hold the pen, but she already knows it so well!)

64. cherries
65. hearing about friends expecting babies (congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy, Elena M.!)
66. Adrian taking care of our flowers
67. finding old friends again (Hello, Dionysia!!!)
68. the glue "Picatura", which helps me so much lately in restoring damaged objects ( Ilaria knows the best what I mean here ;-) )

This post has been linked to Ann Voskamp's gratitude community:
Have a blessed week!

P.S.: My previous "One thousand gifts" post can be found here.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tzatziki or Tzadziki or Tsatsiki

Here is an easy, Greek specific recipe which worth it to be made for the hot summer days. And thanks God it requires no fire!

What is needed:

Scrape the cucumbers (add-on: in order to avoid excessive water, salt the cucumbers and squeeze them. Thanks, Raluca B.!), smash the garlic and chop the dill:

Add yoghurt, salt and olive oil. Mix well.
To be served cold.

Καλή όρεξη!
(Kalí óreksi! = Bon appetit!)

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Long live America!

I have also personal reasons to wish all the best for USA, as, since 2007, this beautiful country is kindly hosting two of my life's dearest persons: my sister and my niece!
Happy 4th of July!

P.S.: thanks for the apron, Ana! Kisses! ;-)

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