Monday, February 16, 2015

Girls, thank you for the fun (#8)

Ilaria: Mami, eu când mă căsătoresc?
Eu: Când îţi găseşti un prinţ al tău.
Ilaria: Cu Iancu vreau să mă căsătoresc!
Eu: Nu se poate Ilaria, că sunteţi fraţi.
Ilaria: Nu ştie nimeni de la nuntă că suntem fraţi.

"Fluturaş cu dinţi", Ilaria

* cântâm "Cântecul gamei" - "Do e o doamnă mai voinică..." la "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do" Ilaria cântă "Do Re Mi Fasole Do"

Ilaria supărată: Eu nu mai vreau să merg la dentist toată ziua din cauza lu' Maria!
Eu: Dar de ce mergi tu la dentist din cauza lu' Maria?
Ilaria: Păi ea merge toată ziua la Tati: "Tati, vreau bomboane! Tati, vreau ciocolată!" si Tati-i dă şi ea îmi dă şi mie.

Înainte de sărbători ne veneau zilnic la geam câte 2-3 trupe tradiţionale cu capra sau cu ursul. După câteva zile de vizionat,  Maria: "Mami, când vine cu crocodilu'?"

După ce am citit cartea despre Bentley Fulg de Nea
Eu: Bentley era un băieţel căruia îi plăceau fulgii de nea. Ilaria, ţie ce îţi place?
Ilaria: Mie îmi plac cadourile.

Ilaria: Mami, spune-ne o poveste.
Eu: Despre ce?
Ilaria: Inventează tu o poveste. 
Eu: Ilaria, ştii că nu mă pricep la inventat poveşti.
Ilaria: E uşor. Uite, aşa cum fac eu: Uşa este colorată cu un cui dezordonată.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Something I like - Mary Engelbreit

Paper dolls:


Words to live by:

or simply this:

and I could go on and on...

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

One thousand gifts (part ten)

145. Adrian ironed all our clothes as preparation for Ştefan C.'s baptism

146. how Ilaria tells me "I love you" and she kisses me when she knows I'm sad because of Maria

147. Adrian, looking at the children: "There are moments in life when you look and you can't believe how beautiful it can be. This is such a moment."

148. unexpected gift from old friend (book from Aura)

149. flattered by how others see me. Gelu & Luci: "We saw you on a street advertisement. Yes, it was you!" No, the lovely lady posing for Goya assurance company wasn't me, but they made me feel good.

150. kind words from "nenea cu părul creţ", the installer who performed external walls insulation for our flat: "Bună dimineaţa! Ce faci, Ilaria, ochi frumoşi?"

151. Adrian caring enough to repair my grandmother's cooker stove when she was about to buy a new one.

152. moments like this:
when I look, I cannot believe they are all mine and I cry happy tears

153. finally visiting a place I wished to visit for years! (parc Schei)

154. inspired people brightening my life

155. yearly tradition - kids aligned under "our" oak tree

156. baby stages successfully checked (Iancu sitting; 1st tooth (8 months old, we were at seaside); Iancu standing (on the day he turned 11 months); 1st word imitated: "ouch")

157. country simplicity on week-ends, when girls eat anything we have and they don't expect us to entertain them

158. a solid 5 minutes of laughing with Maria when, at bedtime story, I mistakenly named the 3 bears: "the 3 pigs". She is an expert in laughing!

159. exhausted Maria back from playground and how her face brightens up in a big smile when she notices me up at the window

160. reading a good book - "Nesfinţii sfinţi şi alte povestiri"

161. Italian shop in Braşov (str. Lungă, nr. 213)

162. how grumpy Maria is while in hospital, after nasal polyps removal surgery and how she revive once we hit home and she meets baby

163. Ilaria, enjoying home made ice cream: "Asta-i cea mai bună îngheţată din lume. Nimeni nu face îngheţată mai bună decât tine."

164. 15th of September 2014. Tears of happiness in our eyes (mine and Adrian's) when we find out who Maria's teachers are (this is her 1st year of kindergarten and she was extremely fragile back then)

165. the gift of being home with kids. Mărcuş, monday 13.10.2014, I teach girls how to ride bicycles

166. quiet night time when all the kids are finally sleeping and I tell Adrian, smiling: "who says it's hard to rise 3 kids?"

167. gift from friends - a lot of girls clothes from Adriana C.

168. dear family members gathered around the table to celebrate our both October girls and to share a tasteful dinner  
169. gift of being home for my family and having time to prepare birthday cakes
(this year cream for girls' cakes was banana + yogurt + honey + coconut flakes)

170. gift from friends - jams from Adriana V.

171. how girls don't want to go to kindergarten and how Adrian motivates them by plotting with them to steal all of nurse's candies during the daily examination. and this happens every single day. and it works like a charm

172. words of appreciation on girls' birthday party: "Ralu, poţi să-ţi deschizi firmă de organizat petreceri" (Bogdan B.)

173. me working on laundry. Iancu playing and babbling in his crib in the other room. Suddenly - silence. When I go to check I find this:
I could live 1.000 years from now on, only for such moments!

174. we started to build our house

175. Adrian brings girls back from kindergarten. Elevator's door opens. Girls running toward me, each holding a flowers bouquet (27th November 2014, my birthday)

176. trying a new recipe

177. enjoying a cup of tea

178. baby falling asleep in my arms

179. we let kids be little, "because childhood only comes once" (Michelle)

180. help from my mother - girls spending kindergarten holiday at my parents

181. Adrian calling both girls "păpuşă" and Iancu "papanaş"

182. Maria: "Mami, eşti frumoasă!"

183. Adrian teaching girls how to skate

184. joy as only kids can experience - girls laughing just by looking at each other (we used to do the same, me and my sister)


Post inspired by Ann Voskamp.
Have a blessed day!

P.S.: My previous "One thousand gifts" post can be found here. 

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