Thursday, November 11, 2010

Albena, Balchik and beautiful people

November... oh, perfect time to remember summer... :-)

This year we've spent our summer Holiday on Bulgarian seaside. It proved to be a good choice. Albena is a clean summer resort with warm weather, beautiful landscape and, most important, beautiful people. The minus of Albena is that it's always windy so, it's not so appropriate for babies, but perfect for children and grown ups.

Ilaria was sooo enchanted from the very beginning...
You can see here the reaction on her 1st contact with sea's water:

Because it was windy all the time, the sea was agitated and there were big waves, so she swam only twice in the sea. Anyway, she decided is safer and more fun to enjoy the swimming pool:
(unfortunately, we don't have a picture of her swimming in the sea. We were so anxious to be everything OK, that we didn't take the time to photograph her in sea's water..)

In the end it was fun for all of us:

But the safest places for Ilaria to stay were:
in daddy's arms

and near mommy
I adore this parents addiction of her.

We've done a short trip to Balchik and visited the botanical garden and Queen's Maria of Romania summer residence, the so called "Still nest" palace. We were running there, as we didn't allocate enough time for this visit. We've stayed 1,5 hours there and I think at least 3 hours would have been the perfect amount of time that should be planned for visiting Balchik.

And here it comes another memory of summer Holiday and, as happens many times in my life, some regrets too...

In Albena the major part of tourists is represented by Romanian families with children and by German retired couples.
Near us, on the beach, there was a German couple. They were speaking German and were reading German books and newspapers. On our 3rd day of vacation we were surprised to find out that the man was speaking almost perfectly Romanian! 
(The couple was spending their summer holiday in Albena, for the last 10 years! They confirmed us that Albena is always as windy as it was when we were there)

His story:
He's 73 years old now and was living in Romania until he was 20 years old. Originally he is from Feldioara (little town very close to Brasov) and he's one of the Saxons people I was mentioning in this post that were living in Transylvania for centuries (until 1989). His parents were deported in Siberia after WWII and he, together with his other 2 younger siblings were cared by a Gypsy woman which taught him the palm reading.
When his lucky parents turned back from Siberia, he was involved in the army and his parents and sibling left Romania for good and went in Germany, leaving him here, alone. When he finished army, he asked for the permission of leaving Romania. After 2 years of waiting, he was accepted in personal audience by Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej (Romania's president 1961-1965) and after a 15 minutes long discussion he also had green light to leave Romania. He was lucky, because shortly after that meeting, Dej died and Ceausescu couple become Romania's leaders, so it would have been almost impossible for him to leave Romania before 1989... 
He went in Germany, near family, and there he married a German girl. 
Now they have 2 girls and 2 grandchildren.

Interesting things I've learned for him about palm reading:
- life line ( in my case see above that never ending line ;-) ) gives you exact information about your health and how much you will live. Uuuups, I don't want to know that! The information is at hand in your hand. You can measure the line and find out what's in store for you. The man, as I've told you, is 73 now and he knew he still has 5 more years left. He was smoking like crazy, knowing that nothing can go wrong before he will be 78. In the past he had a big operation because of smoking and that was also written in his hand.

- marriage line (in my case uuuups again - 2 lines) gives you information about marriages and children's number. When we were children we were laughing a lot about those lines (in my case - 2), knowing that they give you information about how many children you will have. Imagine how shocked I was when I told to the man: "I know I will have 2 children" and he told me "no, that's wrong! you will have 2 marriages"!!!! 
On every marriage line there are another thin lines - the number of children you will have in that marriage.
After he gave me this information I was so shocked, that my brain refused to think to other subjects. I wasn't interested in anything anymore, but I was busy with finding out a way to escape from this strange situation (the man, with Adrian near me, communicated the fact that I will have 2 marriages! And Adrian has only 1 marriage line, so he won't be my 2nd..)

And the relief came:
I remembered about a woman not married and old enough not to be able to have children anymore. I thought: "wait! does it mean she doesn't have marriage line at all?" 
And the man told us a story from his palm reading experience. It was about a woman:
she was having 1 marriage line with 2 thin lines on it (2 children). She felt in love with a guy. She became pregnant, but she decided not to keep the baby. Then they separated and, after that, all lines (marriage + children) disappeared!!!

Imagine my relief, when I understood that everything is written in your palm, but it's not necessary to happen like that. There are moments in life when you can change what is written there, by fighting or by giving in the life's obstacles.

And now the already announced regrets:
we do not know those beautiful peoples names or address. We were silly enough not to ask them. And I knew I will regret it, as it's not the 1st time when I act like this..
All we know is that they are living in Germany, in a small village or town called in German "the cock is singing", near Leipzig, and that locality of their is like a railway junction, as they can reach many important cities from their station.
I would love to find out more about them, as I want to wish him "Happy Birthday!" when he will be 79 :-) Because, never forget: your fate is more in your hands, than on your hands! (being a convinced fatalist person, I should daily repeat this; maybe someday day I will also believe it)

P.S.: probably only a blogger would truly understand that, but, believe me, any comment of your is welcomed on this blog, in any language (I will hopefully manage to translate it somehow)! I would love this blog to be also a communication modality between us, not only me to become your favorite storyteller ( and I'm so modest when I say that :-)) ). 
So, thank you for your time spent here to visit, to read and... to comment! :-)

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Jamie B said...

Love the photos of Ilaria! Nice post, I hope that one day you run into your German friends again.

Anonymous said...

just like ur post about palm reading

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