Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How I started blogging

Currently we are living in a tiny flat and are dreaming of a house in the middle of a large garden.
Dreaming of country living, I thought that reading "Country living" magazine would help us getting closer to our dream. So I've subscribed to this darling magazine.
I remember it was somewhere in April this year. Ilaria was 6 months old already. We were visiting my parents in Sighisoara, so I was like in Holiday. There were enough people around us to care Ilaria, to play with her, to feed her,... so her mom could peacefully read her beloved magazine, April issue this time.
Everything was "under control" until I've reached page 122, where I found the picture below:
I remember myself starring at it for minutes, in the beginning not understanding what it means; then realizing it's a family picture, but not finding the mom; then finding the mom and not understanding how it was possible in nowadays.
Living in a country where having more than 2 children is something really rare, my brain didn't know how to process such information. After few minutes of studying the picture, I went to other family members telling them: "look: this is a mother of 7 children; she has SEVEN children and she still make time for looking good, for organizing night dates with husband and she even rules her own business"... Of course I was not the only one in the house very surprised!
I went on Internet and found Kayce's online shop and then her blog. It was the 1st blog speaking about mom adventures that I was ever visiting. From it, I found Sarah's blog and from Sarah's blog, Erin's.
I was reading those 3 blogs for months, surprised to see how many beautiful ideas, memories, moments, recipes, pictures, they were sharing with other women.
After 6 months of reading those 3 and many other wonderful blogs, being inspired so much by those beautiful mothers, I started to want my own blog.
I've realized that our memories cannot be kept untouched in our brains; and even pictures are many times not enough, because you don't remember exactly how you felt in those particular moments and many sweet details are lost. I was writing Ilaria's evolution in one notebook, recipes in another; pictures were saved here and there... I never kept a diary and I never scrap-booked, but back then, I've felt that blogging was such a good way of keeping the already lived part of life, in one place.
And that was my 1st reason for which on 5th October this year I've started blogging.
And I'm so happy about it! Blogging rocks ;-)
Many thanks to you, wonderful bloggers & moms that have inspired me!

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kayce hughes said...

Such a treat to know that you enjoy my blog. It is so fun to be connected with other women and share life.

Sarah said...

So glad you were inspired!

Erin said...

Hi Raluca!

Thank you so much for your sweet words! I'm so glad you have enjoyed my blog and I totally agree -- blogging is the best for so many reasons. You will never regret taking the time to record your family's memories.

Hugs from California and thanks again! :)

Sue said...

Americans take so very many things for granted, but the possibility and acceptability of having a large family is not one that I had thought of. You must follow your heart and the decision about children is very personal and different for everyone. But if you and Adrian have the desire for a larger family, do not let the society you live in dictate what is right for your family. I am living proof that it's possible to live on one income, that sacrificing society's comforts is so worth having joyful little spirits in your home. Pray for direction and the Lord will lead you and Adrian on your journey.

I count myself blessed to have met so many wonderful women via blogging and you are my favorite new blogging friend! Keep writing, each entry will be something your children will cherish their entire lives.

Joni said...

I have been reading Sarah's blog for a long time! I love her!

Love the story of how you came to blog!

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