Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo of the day

This is the current stuff I have to fix right now.
I already did tons of these before. It's a little miracle when Ilaria touches something and doesn't break it. I'm sure a Chinese guy works hard every day just to provide the superglue for us!

I've been told I wasn't better when I was of Ilaria's age (curious what's inside a toy car; angry and took action because a horse was faster than I was; spied and then grabbed the cuckoo from the cuckoo clock; and so on). So I'm not the one in rights to react too much on Ilaria's "curiosity". I better stay calm and... keep gluing :-)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On us lately

Here I am back to post again after a long break.

We concluded with Adrian that we had an awful summer. In fact, the whole year 2012 was kind of strange for us, our family and some friends included. Let it be finished before it makes any more damages!
Our row of health problems continued with an gastroenteritis episode of one entire week long, me and both girls involved in the battle. But, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and it's the most probably that we will live a long and happy life starting now.

On the other hand, I was so tired lately that I had no option rather than sleeping as often as the girls would have allowed me. So blogging was on my to do list and stayed there for a long time, together with other chores, as I had no energy for them.

Maria is cutting her fourth teeth now. She has three so far, two down and one up and she is working on her second up.

Every night we are "disturbed" by her cry. She wakes up often and falls asleep back fast, but this is enough for me to "enjoy" some good hours of meditation on my life afterwords. I cannot fall asleep again too easy. Thanks God Adrian is a good father (and sleeper) and Maria is often his roommate and not mine.


On 15th of July Adrian turned 34 and our marriage 6. This year we broke our "rule" of the previous two years of visiting a zoo on that day ;-) and we headed toward the natural reservation of Breite, Sighişoara. A photo shoot came naturally, of course!

This set of T-shirts was the gift for Adrian this year.

Maria: "Give me something to chew - anything! - and I'll be happy". She adores grass, leaves, sticks,... everything.

This three hours trip was a violent reminder for us, the parents, that Ilaria hates nature or she is really jealous on her sister, who was comfortably set into the stroller. Five minutes spent outside the car and Ilaria was begging Adrian to carry her.
We hope we will succeed in making our kids love nature as much as we do, but with Ilaria, every little attempt is hardly conquered or not conquered at all. She cries and begs and wants soo much and soo many!
And she is afraid of many: men (especially men with mustache and /or  beard), storks, more than a full tub
 of water (sea, lake, swimming pool), tractors, cars, dogs, cats, airplanes! :-)
@Adrian: you like it or not, it seems she is more a city girl than a country one. Ilaria: "give me some asphalt under my feet and I'll be happy. Or at least I'll try."


Something more on Ilaria I want to mention here:
♥  she had an obsession with the sun cap. For some good weeks she refused taking showers and wearing dresses because she knew those would have separated her from her cap for a while
♥  she loves Maria and makes her laugh by performing shows for her. She sings, dances, jumps, spins for Maria.
♥  her favorite movie until now is definitely Heidi (1937). She was this in love with Heidi:

praying like Heidi
falling asleep during lunch, just like Heidi :-) 

proudly dancing like Heidi
There were entire months with days when she watched the movie three or four times per day. When asked "How that you are so beautiful?" she still answers back: "I'm beautiful, like Heidi."
Obsession closed. She doesn't watch Heidi anymore :-( She switched to Disney Junior. Darn it!
♥  she loves balloons
♥  she doesn't like to say "good night" and prefers a "good morning" instead. So we had to adapt the famous Romanian poem:
Somnoroase păsărele
Pe la cuiburi se adună,
Se ascund în rămurele -
'Neaţa bună!

♥  one evening, four months ago, she entered the "why?" stage. I was shutting the windows when she suddenly asked: "why are you shutting the windows", "why not to be cold?", "why I should go to sleep?", "why am I tired?" And I realized it started just like this, on an ordinary evening in May, an ordinary stage in life of my sweet little girl. Thank you God for all ordinary stages successfully checked in her life's journey so far!
♥  roles are pretty much distributed here now. I am the cooker, the photographer, the cleaner, the memories keeper, the one responsible of girls 10-19 o'clock. Adrian is the gardener, the shopper, the entertainer, the teacher!, the one responsible of girls 19-22. He started lessons with Ilaria. Of course lots of Oreos are involved in the training program. Being so motivated, she knows now almost the whole alphabet.
During a lesson: 
"I is for me" (Adrian taught her "I is for Ilaria")
"M is for Mami"
"A is for Ana"
"D is for Dana"
"O is for Ou" (egg)
"B is for Bogdan"
"P is for Papa"
"T is for Tati"
"F is for Fănel"
I plan to make a customized alphabet to be framed and hanged in girls' room.
Some other lessons:

♥  she is my sweet little actress:

"Why is he late?"


News about our Baby Maria:
♥  she is 10 months old
♥  she crawls

♥  she stands

♥  she eats like a dinosaur
♥  revenge time is close. She started to fight back on Ilaria's not-very-delicate acts on her.
♥  sister love: she cries when I scold Ilaria
♥  she doesn't like to be left alone in the room. Who does?
♥  sister love: when she wakes up and Ilaria is not in the room, her eyes stay glued on the door waiting for her sister to come.
♥  she watches Disney Junior too
Double darn it!!
♥  she is my other sweet little actress

Modern proposal - she is asking him.
♥ she is a very happy baby, all smiles and laugh


We have purchased a new photo camera (Canon PowerShot SX40 HS). Hopefully I will learn a little bit more about photography with its help. I'm very excited on the results I obtained with it so far. But more learning from my side would be welcome.
Big thanks go to Dan O. & Iuli V., who helped me in making my decision.


Thanks to Adrian we have enjoyed beautiful flowers in our balcony this summer.
He started with these:
and went this far:


We are a little bit closer to our dream of a "short address" (how I call it. We'd love to switch someday from our actual urban long address "street, number, block, entrance, level, apartment no." to a cute rural short one "street + number". So lately if you dare to play Santa Claus with me, you risk the "a short address" wish.)
Since November we own the land (unfortunately still without permission to build on it). We are in love with it and we are dreaming big.
Hopefully the little crowd of our will have someday a roof above our heads right here

and we will call this place "home".
So far we have the fence. Good work, Adrian!

So long!

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