Monday, April 14, 2014

C'est la vie!

Last Wednesday mothers were asked to go in Kindergarten for an hour spent with the kids in some kid-mother activity. It started good with Ilaria all smiles and loveliness and ended in tears both her and me.
When time came for mothers to leave the kindergarten Ilaria hold me strong and begged me to take her home with me. "Mami, please take me home! Please take me home! Don't let me here! I promise you this is the only time I ask you this. I promise! I promise!". 
I tried to explain, to give examples, to promise her this and that, all in vain. She was holding my hand and my neck stronger and stronger, tears running down her cheeks. Nobody came to comfort us, not even her teacher; still everybody was giving us glimpses every now and then. 
It took me about 20 minutes to leave the classroom and to abandon her among strangers who didn't give a damn.

I crossed the hallways with tears in my eyes, still hearing Ilaria calling me from behind the closed door and one more time I asked myself if I was doing the right thing. Of course, in the evening we had a talk with Adrian. My first impulse was that we needed to change something; that something was wrong. But again, our conclusion was: this is life! With good and bad. I'd love to keep my kids glued to me for a lifetime, in our dream house somewhere on our one-home-only hill, away of any of life's meannesses. But I know this is not the life's meaning. We are here to help each other, to make life easier and more beautiful, to connect with each other and to learn to be better and stronger with each day. For this we need impulses. We need to know people, to make friends, to love and to be disappointed, to be cheated and to forgive, to hope and to be ignored.

Life is sometimes a soul-wrenching experience. So was that Wednesday for me and my girl. But something beautiful came out of this and, when she came back home in the afternoon - all smiles again! -, after a loong hug, she gave me this:
"Because I love you!... I love you, Mami!... I love you, Mami!..." (and she is not at all the soapy type).

You should have seen my heart! One of the greatest joys in this life is realizing that "to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world".

I hope our home to be our kids' island of calm, love and happiness in life's ocean of struggles!

For all my kids:
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