Monday, November 8, 2010

The noblest gesture

Until this year, in my entire life, I personally knew two families which adopted children. In 2010 my list doubled. Two more families I know, opted for adoption.

It's hard to think about the sin or drama of a mother that chose to abandon her baby. It's also hard to think about the drama of a child which one day founds out that he/she has no natural parent alive or he/she was not loved from the beginning...

A part of those wronged by fate children are luckier than the others. They grow up in families, with parents and siblings that love them a lot. They feel the warmth of a family, the power of love, the joy of giving.
In my opinion, adoption is the noblest gesture people can do in this world!

Thinking on this subject lately, I've found out a beautiful poem written from an adopted child's point of view.
I don't know if I'm allowed to quote on this blog anything I found on Internet, but, as long as poem's author doesn't contact me to delete it :-), here I share those wonderful verses with you.
They've touched my heart!

Life givers

You did not give me the gift of life,
but in my heart I know
the love I feel is so deep and real
as if it had been so.

You did not give me the gift of life,
but rather the chance to live...
to love; to learn; to laugh;
to cry; but most importantly, to give.

You did not give me the gift of life,
and that's ok with me.
For no matter what, you're my parents
for all eternity!

For us to have each other
is like a dream come true.
No, you did not give me the gift of life;
Life gave me the gift of you!

by Jaime Frodyma

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O poezie superba, m-au trecut fiorii inca ma trec...superb...

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