Monday, November 15, 2010

Our 1st family photo shoot

(shooter: Bogdan)

Inspired by two beautiful ladies (thanks Sue, for photo advices! thanks Heather, for your recent family photo shoot post!), yesterday I've took my family out of the dusty town, into the gorgeous nature and took our 1st family photo shoot. 
In the beginning it was planned that the tripod and timer option would be our helpers, but, we were fortunate enough that our friends Bigu, Dana & Bogdan joined us and helped a lot taking some nice pictures. In case you ever plan a family photo shoot, my advice would be to ask for a helping hand, as no tripod, timer option and remote control could ever replace the human eyes and decisions!
Some other friends wanted to join us, but our little girls' nap schedule didn't synchronize at all. Sorry for this, Aniela & Co. and hope we will meet you soon.

This is the best I could get using tripod and timer option on camera: 
(shooter: tripod + timer)

Some photos taken by Bogdan (the 1st photo of this post, which we also consider the best one, was also taken by him):
(shooter: Bogdan)

(shooter: Bogdan)

Other photos:
(shooter: Adi)

(shooter: Ralu)

(shooter: Ralu; Ilaria's entertainers: Dana & Adi :-))
I think the hardest job when photographing a baby is the entertainer's one. And you really should have at least one dedicated job for this! In our case, Ilaria was fascinated by digging into the molehills and to take off the fillet, so it took us some time to catch the above photo.

Adrian was in an artistic mood. I love this photo:
(shooter: Adi)

And finally, a photo with the entire technical staff:
(shooter: Ralu)

Our photo shoot's staff & technical details:
The sweetest participants: Bigu & Ilaria
Entertainer: Dana, Adi
Shooters: Bogdan, Adi, Ralu
Photo camera: Olympus C-770 UltraZoom
Location: Mărcuş, Covasna county

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Anonymous said...

Sunteti cei mai draguti si....sfatosi, ardeleni !!! Sa fiti sanatosi si...tot voiosi !!!

Sue said...

What fun pictures! I love the silhouette of you and Ilaria and my favorite group shot is the one at the top. Will you send out a fun Christmas card? Is that customary in Romania? Send me an email with your mailing address and I will be sure to send you our Christmas card. If I ever get it designed...

Heather said...

How wonderful! The photos are so sweet! I'm so glad you were able to get them done.

Anonymous said...

The pictures turnned out GREAT! Love them all :)

Dan said...

Fain v-aţi mai tras în chip :)
Şi cel mai important e ca v-aţi simţit bine şi v-aţi distrat.

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