Saturday, January 28, 2012

Internet addiction

Yes, I have to face it: I am addicted. On Internet. I could spend hours after hours surfing the net for nice ideas. And I find so many that I am well aware I would need at least 10 lives to put all of them in practice. But I still surf for more!
I am absolutely thrilled how fast I fall asleep when reading a book and how awake surfing the Internet keeps me. They surely put something in Internet to keep us so addicted ;-)

Because I am aware I spend way too much time on Internet, few days ago I made the supreme sacrifice: didn't touch the laptop for more than 24 hours. And I survived! 
I'm trying hard not to become a bad example for my girls. I don't want them to see me too much in front of the laptop. The main reason I want to hide my addiction from my kids is because one of my worst nightmares would be to have my own kids addicted on computer games. I never understood what can be so funny in playing computer games and I believe they are nothing else but HUGE wasters of time...

Adrian seems to have the solution for surfing more when the girls are not around. He wants to achieve another laptop, so we could both use the Internet, in the same time, when "needed"; but I still reject his idea. I plan to cut our time on Internet, not to expand it. It's already big enough.
In the evening, even if the girls are asleep, when Adrian has that "I need the laptop" look in the eyes, he usually wins.

So, with 2 kids in the house, not synchronized with meals and sleep, and with one husband crazy about helping the guys from Kamikaze magazine by writing there, my drama is that, lately, I have less and less time to spend on Internet and more and more interesting sites to visit :-)

But let me tell you what keeps me addicted on Internet these days. My top3 time consumer sites of the moment are:

#3: ETSY - "World’s handmade marketplace"
Some samples of beauty found there:
(we plan with Adrian to make something similar for girls room) source

#2: HOUZZ - "Houzz is a leading destination site for home design enthusiasts - professionals and homeowners."
This site helps you dream big... :-)

This big:
(love the bunk bed) source

and this:
(love the desk) source

and this:
(love the window bed; perfect for reading) source

#1: PINTEREST - Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.

This site is pure insanity. I could stay forever glued to it!

And the best description for Pinterest is:

Some nice ideas found there:

(I MUST do this with the girls! It reflects perfectly their relation situation of every now and then!! :-) ) source

(where you met, where you married, and where you honeymooned) source

So many wonderful things in this world, isn't it?

Happy surfing to you ;-)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012


A little sample of Ilaria's overwhelming energy:

Ilaria entertains Maria by reciting her the very 1st verse she knows:
"Moş Crăciun cu plete dalbe
A sosit de prin nămeţi
Şi aduce daruri multe
La fetiţe şi băieţi
Moş Crăciun, Moş Crăciun."

At Maria's 1st whimper, Ilaria is sure that baby "vea maţe" ("vrea în braţe" - "wants on my laps") and she is trying to pick her up, but when she realizes this is above her strength she says "pea ghea" ("too weighty").

I them!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

My ordinary day of today

Because nobody told me exactly how hard and beautiful it will be with 2, let me tell you the whole truth of an ordinary day.
So today I:
* ate breakfast at 10:45AM
* took my morning fitness class with Ilaria, singing Tyrolean yodelling songs, dancing like crazy people and jumping on the bed. Music: Tyrolean folk music. Our favorites: "Die Berge die sind mein Zuhaus" and "Hände zum Himmel".
* changed Ilaria's clothes 3 times - we are during potty training for pee, but without satisfactory results yet
* had fun watching Ilaria cleaning the house:
That girl has an eye for dirt. She sees dirt everywhere. And usually she is right.

* poured tears of frustration when I've been slapped by my own toddler girl. Twice...
* took some more fitness classes in the afternoon, this time with Maria on my lap, who simply doesn't want to align to Ilaria's good habit - eat much and rare and sleep long, but rather prefers the healthy choice: eat little and often and sleep short.
* when Adrian texted me at 3PM: "How are you?" I've replied: "As usual... It's hard. I've laughed and cried few times already. Ilaria is sleeping now and Maria wants much and many. I will survive! Waiting for you asap."
* laughed again with Maria

* took lunch at 5PM
* had an educational evening trying with Adrian to figure out what can be done. We looked pretty much like this lady

Complaining is the last thing I'm thinking of now. I'm still crazy in love with my family and with my stay-at-home-mom current status!

P.S.: dedication for Ilaria over the years

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Picture of the day

Ilaria moistens one of the fingers from one hand and then uses the other hand for flipping the pages.

@Ana: about 8 years ago you were doing exactly the same!
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How we did it - photo shooting with toddler and without photographer

I've heard our mothers saying lately lots of: "I don't know how we did everything back then". They forgot many details and remained the main idea that raising children is a hard job. Yes, I can relate. It's a hard job but, thanks God, a funny one too, many times.
On the other hand, some of my friends are asking me: "how do you do everything on your own?"
Let me tell you something. I'm not "on my own". I get lots of help from my husband, our parents and some friends (special thanks go to Aniela and Adriana V.).

So, with that being said, I want to remember how we did it.
With this post I'm starting a set of stories here, on my blog. 

Today: photo shooting with toddler and without photographer.

Ilaria reached that stage of toddler age 2-3 years of old when tantrums are all around the clock with us. Of course, when we insist by pushing her to look at the camera too much, she turns her head in the opposite direction. As I mentioned in this post, a person as photographer is better than any tripod in the world. But, there are moments when we don't have anybody else near us to take the 100 pictures in order to obtain the good one.

Our solution is this:
Ilaria's baby doll, Maria, is taking pictures of our family when nobody else is around.

We are content. She did a good job:
Christams Eve 2011

And you know something!? When photo shoot was over, Ilaria had another tantrum. This time she was complaining why we weren't taking some more photos! :-)
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