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3. And Mister "Volare" is... (28.02.2011)
Thanks everyone for participating to my poll! Here are the results, showing the sad fate of a great artist (Domenico Modugno) not popular as much as he should...


2. Sledge owning (07.02.2011)

I'm happy to see that I have traditional readers who still enjoy the fun of snow sledding.
@ the 3 of you who answered "No": maybe you should seriously take into consideration buying a sledge. Global warming is not a joke and who knows how much time is left for us to enjoy snow!?

1. Bossy parent - Adrian's theory (16.12.2010)
Thanks to all of you who participated to my 1st poll! Adrian's theory was successfully deprecated. Don't worry. He's not depressed. He still believes in it :-)

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