Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Incredible, but true!

Few days ago, I couldn't believe my eyes seeing for the 1st time in my life a MAN washing non-office windows! So I took him a picture, to be sure I was not dreaming :-)
Please leave a comment here and tell me what do you think about him:
a) he is a loving husband (he shares the domestic chores with his wife and washing windows is part of his responsibility)
b) he is single (so, if not him, then who else?)
c) that's his job (he was payed to do the miserable chore)
d) he lost a bet ( that's Adrian's idea :-) )
e) there must be something else there - your ideas are welcomed

I know, life can be so full of surprises... But I go for a... "b)" ;-)

Have a nice and happy day!

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Anonymous said...

Ce sa fie.......a-8-a ,,minune a lumii,, !

Anonymous said...

S-ar putea ca domnul sa fie ,,sotia,, si atunci.....,,sotul,, este la !!! ??? In lumea asta....totul e posibil !!!!!

Adrian said...

He had a bet with friends in his youth that he will marry a pretty housewife who will ask him to always keep warm the remote control and the TV. Obviously he lost it.

Anonymous said...

cred ca e gay si el e parte feminina din cuplu :D ... well ... remarca mea este legata si de faptul ca in weekend am vazut in Paris un cuplu de vreo 65 de ani gay tinanduse de mana pe strada :P ... so anything is possible :D

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