Monday, October 1, 2012

One thousand gifts (part eight)

103. linden tree fragrance

104. the sound of Adrian's key in the door when he is back home from work

105. morning showers with my favourite shower gel now (Brazilian Coffee Beans from Yves Rocher):

106. homemade olives and onion pizza

107. funny kids - Ilaria: "Why am I upset?", "Why do I like tea?", "Why did I cry?", "When Daddy will be a Mommy he will wear a bra too", "I'm as beautiful as a cow", "When I will be a cow I will wear a cow bell too", "When I will be a baby I will get a pacifier too"

108. sweet kids: after spending few days in Sighisoara at my parents without Adrian: 
My Mom: "Ilaria, do you want me to tell you a story?"
Ilaria: "Yes!"
My Mom: "What about would you like it to be?"
Ilaria: "About Daddy."

109. our family, whole, as it is: with a Daddy, a Mommy ad kids. What a gift!! (I hope I won't ever take this for granted.)

110. Ilaria inventing new words: fucuiută and fucupată.

111. wrongly spelled words by Ilaria. I can hardly think about many anymore. She still says "puncături" instead of "cumpărături".

112. preparing in the morning the sandwich for Ilaria for kindergarten. I make her a surprise every day by wrapping it in a nice paper napkin

113. slow time, me and Maria home alone. She plays with her toys and from time to time she comes to me for some hugs then she turns back to her "business"

114. happy little souls around us. Ilaria helping Daddy to plant trees:

115. angel in our house

116. this pair of blue eyes fascinates me every day especially after the afternoon nap

117. happy little souls around us. Happy to watch a tree being cut down:

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Have a blessed week!

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