Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spawn salad

This recipe was the hit of our New Year's Eve menu. I added spawn salad to my recipes list just recently, inspired by my mother in law. 
It's a cheap (as long as you use cheap spawn) and easy-to-be-done recipe.
And the result in delicious:  


You prepare the semolina (boil semolina + water for about 15 minutes, until you obtain a paste with the consistence of cream.)

Cool down the boiled semolina (it's consistence will become harder when cold).
Add spawn and mix:

Add in few steps the oil, while mixing.
Then add vinegar.
Mix again.

Add chopped onion and mix one more time:
(Add some salt only if needed. Take care about salt - spawn comes already salted!)

The salad is good served with olives.

Pofta buna!
(Bon appetit!)

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Adrian Spanu said...

delicioasa! :)

Daniela said...

I’m in mood for it!
I am determined to try on Saturday this recipe.
I look forward to give you a proper comment:))

bogdyb said...

Inseamna ca am de lucru sambata...

Raluca said...

Sunteti tare simpatici, Bogdan & Dana!
Sunt curioasa care a fost rezultatul si... executantul ;-)

Ramona Spanu said...

I-ai cucerit pe baietii mei cu salata de icre :))

Raluca said...

multumesc de aprecieri, fam. Spanu!
Ramona, sper s-o adaugi la lista ta de retete. e ataaaat de simpla!

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