Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bears, bears, everywhere

We live in Brasov, the most beautiful town of Romania ( after my native town, Sighisoara ;-) ), a mountain town surrounded by woods and often visited by bears! You can find out more on Brasov's and Romanian bears by watching this wonderful movie: YouTubeMovie.
I think I also have something in common with bears: when Ilaria was little I was so tensioned and jealous on anybody who was going close to my baby, just like a mother bear. It's known how dangerous it is to meet a mother bear with babies. The same was meeting me in first months of Ilaria's life! My mother knows the best, from her own experience..
So, it's not a big surprise that my daughter has an awful hobby: she likes to dig into the trash, just like the little teddy bears:
Sometimes I find her sweet doing this and I let her free to explore. And she's so capable! ;-)

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buni said...

....vai ce muuuulta ,,zodine,, da' si ce scumpa-i cine a facut-o !!!

Mihaela said...

Good job Ilaria!

Raluca said...

He he he...era haios daca gaseai pe internet o poza cu unul din ursii aia care cauta prin tomberoane, sa fi pus cele 2 poze in paralel :P

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