Monday, January 24, 2011

Blessed time for my forgotten hobby

There are days like yesterday:
* is Sunday - so it's a sin to work
* neighbors are pretty quiet - so Ilaria can sleep for few hours over the day
* my stars are well aligned and I'm in a good mood - so the inspiration may hit me: "it's time to do something for myself".
That's the moment when I have to choose between taking a nap, reading a book, surf the Internet, calling friends or something else. Too rare wins the "nap" choice and too often "surfing the Internet"...
Yesterday was something really special. I was thinking a lot lately about my all times favorite hobby, the one that gives me the greatest satisfaction even if it is demanding for me, as I do not have much experience: gobelin. And yesterday was a really blessed day, as I succeeded to stitch about 200 points on my for-a-long-time-from-now-on in work project:

And 200 points was a big achievement for me, considering my sweet 1 year and 3 months old girl sleeping in the next room and considering that my one and only finished gobelin, took me 5 years (in the free-of-kids part of my life)!! :-)
Who knows in 20?? I will finish it?

Here is my darling finished gobelin:
In school I was so clumsy at handicraft and I'm so well known for my lack of patience, that people around me were keeping on telling me that if I'll ever finish that model, for sure it will represent a boy instead of that sweet girl :-) They were so wrong! Shame on them for not trusting me!

My mother and my grandmother are considering "work", so implicit a sin also, any activity performed on Sunday which involves using the needle. But I hope gobelin to be categorized as a hobby, up there.

Kisses and have a good week!

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Eugen said...

Rozi are 2 goblenuri terminate si vre-o trei incepute. Eu am promis ca le duc la inramat pe cele terminate si se pare ca pana nu ma tin de cuvant nu le va termina pe cele incepute :))

Raluca said...

Oau! Rozy are experienta! Eugen, du-le rapid la inramat, sa se poata pune pe cusut in continuare la celelalte 3. Acum e momentul! Bebele-i aproape si dup-aia n-o sa mai prea aiba cand si cum.. Recunoaste ca nu aveai nimic pregatit de Valentine's Day!? ;-)
E o senzatie faina sa le vezi inramate, pe perete.
La noi, "fetita cu basma rosie" e mereu subiect de conversatie. Unii sunt convinsi ca e pictura, iar altii ca e de Toniţa ;-) Oricum, eu sunt mandra de ea, iar lumea o place.

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