Thursday, January 6, 2011

Natural beauties

When on Tuesday morning my father exclaimed: "Look, a deer!", I was sure he was saying that in order to distract Ilaria from a breakable object she would have handled. Looking out the window, I have seen the nice view:

It passed centuries (to be more exact, about 10 years) since I've seen last time such beauties from my parents' flat's window. And when we were kids it was something usual that my mother was waking us up during winter at about 6 o'clock in the morning to watch the groups of 5-7 deers which were coming out the woods to drink water or to eat.
This time it was around 10 o'clock and the group had only 2 members. They were so beautiful and so peaceful! Some cars and people were passing by them at about 20 meters distance and they were not afraid at all.

It was a surprise prepared by nature, special for us, starting with years ago. Thanks, nature, for the beautiful show!
So long, dear deer!

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Dan said...

Ce fain! Vin caprioarele la vale, asa cum veneau si mai demult... Si izvorul acela a ramasa acolo tot asa cum il stiu... si garajul de langa vale... Fagul ala mare mai sta sa cada peste garaje si peste bloc? :D

Raluca said...

Da, e f. frumos prin Sighi. Multi copaci mari de langa vale au fost taiati, iar acum sunt acolo puieti tineri. La fel ca-n viata.. :-)

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