Monday, January 31, 2011

Helpers in rising our baby

I often think: "probably it was easier to rise a child in the past". It comes to me from the overload feeling; too many options today; too much information; so hard to refuse; so hard to choose the best; so much money needed. Everybody offers us something, saying "I'm the best; pick me; your child really needs me". You pick it and later you find out it contains bisphenol or parabens or too much aluminum or toxic paint or dioxin or too much hormones, or it comes from a very polluted river of China, or it can lead to autism and so on...
I know that every generation does the best possible. I know how wrong I am thinking that for our parents was easier to rise us, but all I want to say is that even today, with so many helpers around us, is not as easy as it may seem to be from "outside the box"! We have automatic washing machines, single use diapers, blenders,... but we don't have our parents' peace of mind, their leisure, their calm anymore.
Yes, it's easier in some ways, but harder in some others.

All of the above being said, we are REALLY grateful for progress and I want to share here some of our great helpers in rising Ilaria so far:

* vertical blender
We are using it daily, since Ilaria is 5.5 months old

* high chair
Very useful since the baby can sit. By sitting in this chair, for Ilaria was a great relief many times to see that mommy was working on her food and soon she would have been eating. So it was not necessary for her to cry, cry, cry,.... ;-)

* forehead thermometer
I didn't see yet THE thermometer which tells you for sure the body temperature. With this one is also not the case. Anyway, knowing the normal baby's temperature (in Ilaria's case, with this thermometer: 36.9), you can tell if there is any problem and how severe it is, without disturbing baby's sleep

* baby bottle warmer
This is useful especially in the first 6 months of baby's life, when you have to sterilize baby's bottle and maybe you don't dare to use a simple cup for warming baby's food. We became so addicted to it, that we used it until 2 months ago, when we forgot it when paying a visit. That was the moment when we realized it's faster and cheaper not to use it anymore :-)

* sound monitor
This is smart, as it tells you the temperature in baby's room.
On the other hand for me is such a relief not to stress about: "What's Ilaria's opinion on me taking a shower now?".

* baby carriage
Simply sooo useful (except during the winter, on snow)

* baby sling
we've used it:
- during Ilaria's 1st winter, when was snow outside and baby carriage was useless

- inside the house when our imagination was poor enough not to know what else she was needing not to cry anymore.
 And it helped ;-)

- and even as a hammock

* bath thermometer
The optimum water's temperature, as written on it, is 37 Celsius degrees. We start the bath from 38. 
Thanks Manu for it! ;-)


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Dan said...

Hehe :)
Pai cu avansata tehnologie cu care am crescut noi... Mai stii merele razuite pe razatoarea aia de sticla si biscuitii? :D Ce blender vertical... Si o chestie tare de tot: caruciorul meu de bebelus era dotat cu airbaguri si roll-bar. Daca nu ma crezi, intreab-o pe mama ta si iti va confirma :)) (am incercat sistemul de siguranta pe propria piele, atunci cand bunica statea de vorba cu mama ta si eu ma tot duceam la vale, pe langa garaje, acompaniat de urletele venite de la etajul 4, de la bunicu :))
Cu termometru chiar ca era nasol pe vremurile alea ;)
Apa si mancarea sau laptele se incercau tot digital (cu degetu sau cu mana)
Si nici walkie-talkie nu aveam in camera, sa ne monitorizeze audio. Si daca se mai intampla sa plangem asa de tare incat sa ne auda si domnul Patrinjel de la 3...ghinion :))
A fost fain, oricum!
Tschüssi de la Oradea :)

Raluca said...

Da, asa sunt toate cum le zici. Si parintii nostri erau mai relaxati ptr. ca nu aveau alternative.
Nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc cum isi vor creste copiii nostri copiii...
Cat despre patania ta cu caruciorul, trebuie sa-ti spun ca se aminteste mereu de ea la noi in familie ( de ea si de altele ;-) ). Atat de des am auzit-o, incat as putea sustine ca am vazut totul cu ochii mei, ori banuiesc ca dormeam bine-mersi in timp ce tu si ai tai va luptati din greu cu tehnologia vremii :-)

SV said...

Hello, la ce treapta incalzeai biberonul cu Reer "baby bottle warmer"?

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