Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas memories

Christmas preparation started last year on 23rd of December, at Zărneşti, with keeping the beautiful tradition of making bread and cake in the wood fired brick oven. At this action I had the paparazzi role. Fănel (Adrian's brother) fired the oven one day before and Adrian fired it again on that day. They are always very enthusiastic doing this, as the final result depends 90% on their ability in making the fire, being very much influenced by the wood used for fire and by the temperature outside.

Then, on Christmas Eve, while Ilaria was sleeping, Adrian decorated the tree.
Fully decorated it resisted only for 10 minutes after Ilaria woke up, as she confused it with a fruit tree with ripe fruits on it. Then we were forced to move all the decorations in the above-Ilaria's-height part of the tree:

When Santa Claus came, Ilaria was the only one fully prepared to welcome him. Her lovely parents were surprised by the moment wearing odd pyjamas (for sure our priorities were strongly turned upside down since we have Ilaria..)

Daddy received the official proof that he is our local hero ;-)

Ilaria received a nice game, very appreciated... especially by her parents ;-)

We are so grateful for those wonderful moments spent into our little family!

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Mihaela said...

Ilaria is a beautiful, sweet angel!
Have a happy 2011!

Dan said...

Mmmm... Freshly baked bread... Wonderful smell :) You were certainly good last year, because Santa was very generous.
Best wishes!

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