Friday, October 22, 2010

This sweet mess of mine

Just in case you don't know what mess means, let me show you some. This is how my kitchen looks like, at this very moment:

This time it happened partially because of my cooking and partially because of this sweetie:
(old picture)
which now sleeps like the most innocent angel.
But there are some other reasons/persons in the house responsible for something similar..
Thanks God for my daily sweet mess. I'm grateful that I have people around me to make it (mess) for me and I have the strength to clean up (almost) every time :-)
P.S.: I've cooked chicken-breast Viennese schnitzel + red beet salad

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Mihaela said...

Bye bye neat house! Bye bye full night sleep and beauty sleep! However, you will have them back in the next yearsss...;)!

Raluca said...

That's what you are calling a mess? I should take some photos of my home when I am cooking...not even an ant can find her way in my mess!

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