Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1 tooth Bunny

On Friday, 15.10, the same day I've published this post, Ilaria became agitated. She was needing little food and sleep, but a lot of attention and to be held. We were at 2 days distance from the 1 year old vaccine and I was really starting to think: "they put something in this vaccine, so babies suddenly transform from angels into... something less sweet".
She stayed in this not-so-happy-baby stage until Sunday.
Since Monday she turned back being more cooperative, hungry and sleeeeepy as never before :-)

Today evening we've made it official: she has her 1st tooth. Location: down-center-left.

I didn't see it clearly, as she doesn't want to show it willingly, but I've felt it with my finger.
I think it will take me some time 'till I'll catch it in a picture..

I hope this was the reason of her agitation!
Anyway, our dear Ilaria got a new nickname - Bunny (Iepuras).
Happy biting, Bunny!

Kisses from us!

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Mihaela said...

Ana, also, had problems when she was 1 year old and got the vaccine. She did not have fever, but she lost weight. It took about 2 weeks until Ana was healthy again... uuufff...
What about flu vaccine? Are you going, this fall, to use one for Ilaria?

Daniela said...

Congratulation! Little blue jeans is now a little sweet bunny!
For two days I want to write, and seems that now it’s the time.
I have to be critical and to say that that recipe for a yummy pizza is incomplete.
What is missing? A very important ingredient – our smiles after us eating it. We are the witness that this pizza it is a delight. It is a shame that we doesn’t make a pictures after we eaten it.
Congratulation again! You are a mummy and a good cooker too, and that I now for a fact that it isn’t easy!! I know for sure!
I love the picture where Ilariuta is reading on WC. It is hilarious.
Have a happy day!
Dana and Bigu (his contribution was to stay quiet till I was writing this).

...ghici ??? said...

.....inca putin, si o ajuta pe mami sa puna hainele pe sfoara !!!Muulte pupicuri pt. voi !!!

Raluca said...

draga "ghici ???", multumesc de comentariile postate pe blog. Inca nu am idee cine esti. Mai am nevoie de alte comentarii sau chiar de indicii

Raluca said...

@Mihaela: in about 6 weeks Ilaria will have to be vaccinated again. It would be too much for her to have another one, anti-flu.. On the other hand we never used anti-flu vaccines not even for us, adults.

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