Monday, October 18, 2010

She hearts reading

Many people's fate depends on having or not having a library in their parents's house. (my approximate translation of Edmondo de Amicis words)

Instead of being crowded because of the clothes that I would buy, our house is full of books usually bought by Adrian. We hardly find anymore a free place in the whole house for hiding them. So, from this point of view, Ilaria is on the safe side. She will have what to read in case that she will want to.
Seeing so many books around her from the moment she opened her eyes in this world, she already shows a strong addiction to books.

She loves to listen stories:

Sometimes she is so in love with a book / magazine, that she simply "devours" it:

Or she is eating it, just like this:

I'm OK with everything above, but something bothers me lately: she started to show the same reading orientation like her father does, being interested (too much for my taste) in the 2 most cynical and critical magazines existing on Romanian market - Catavencu & Kamikaze:

Ilaria, someday we will have a discussion on this theme. But until then, let's see the half full of the glass..

Oh, what a girl is our Ilaria!
So young and so interested in everything :-)

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Carol/Red Dirt in My Soul said...

What a cute little girl... and I'm happy to see you teaching her to love reading! That will make her happy the rest of her life!

Sue said...

Reading the newspaper on the potty...Classic!

We go to the library every week and bring home a stack of books for the kids. They all love books and reading, so I guess we're doing something right!

Mihaela said...

I look forward to see a picture with Ilaria’s reaction to the Cinderella pop-up book we sent to her!

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