Friday, October 15, 2010

No teeth? No problem!

Ilaria is 1 year old and she has no teeth yet. 
"How many teeth does she have?" is one of the question we are asked so often that we start thinking: "is it normal to be like it is?". And there are some more similar questions: "what words does she speak?", "does she walk alone?", "does she eat salty?", "does she eat 'normal' food".. and so on.
For the moment, we proudly answer all those questions with "no / none". I've heard so many mothers missing their children's baby stage, that I started to be grateful for being like it is.

Our pediatrician recommended the pine bud syrup in order to speed up teething. But we said "no, thank you". We are not in hurry to fulfill those steps which once done won't come back again. Toothless she is for a so short period; toothed she will be forever.
Meanwhile, she is fancy wearing her amber necklace, meant to calm her during teething

Necklace's lock being magnetic, it's rapidly unlocked by our brainy baby-girl, so sometimes she decides it's even better to play with the necklace, as long as the teeth are so long in coming. But that's OK, as long as there still is some skin contact :-)

Thank you Ilaria for thinking to your mother and deciding to stay a toothless baby for a little longer. You are wonderful as you are, my little girl!


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Sue said...

Hello Raluca! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours. A dear friend of mine is from Ukraine and looking at the pictures of your home really reminds me of her, the curtains and rug, even Ilaria's birthday cake.

You have caught onto a true piece of wisdom in not wanting to rush those first steps for your baby. Parents, especially with their firstborn, are often overly anxious for their babies to reach milestones, in such a hurry for their baby to accomplish their next step in development that they miss the wonder and joy of the baby stage. Ilaria is such a beautiful girl, how could you want to rush any part of her growth? I know there are some days I just wish I could freeze time and hug my little ones close to me. I love to nuzzle my nose into Mackay's curly blond hair and I hope I will remember that feeling long after he gets a "big boy" haircut.


...O DRAGUTA DE....DRAGUTA !!!!!!!

Mihaela said...

I remember when I was at Sighisoara, and Lele Raveca, Ionut's grandmother, was alive. At that time, she was suffering because of some problems with her teeth, and I heard her saying: "God was so clever when He made the human body, but I do not know why He put teeth in humans' mouths. He could leave us without!"

kayce hughes said...

She is beautiful!

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