Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another dream came true

From the moment I laid my eyes on this painting,

I totally felt in love with it. Looking at it I was dreaming a lot, asking myself if such moments of joy were meant for me to be lived. Would I ever have to help my own children learn walking? Would I ever have children? We even changed its place on the walls, finally putting it near our bed, hoping that if we would spend longer time near it, the dream will come true. And surprise! It helped!
(Ilaria was born on 10.10.2009)

On Saturday Ilaria was playing her favorite game: cleaning the space around her by throwing toy by toy from the bed on the floor. Meanwhile I was reading for her a story from a nice book. Out of the tail of my eye I've caught a glimpse of her taking the very first 3 gorgeous steps.

On Sunday, after running  through the house together with her new friend, the red basin, for around 1/2 hour,

Adrian shouted full of admiration: "She is walking!"
And here she is, happy as only a baby or a child can be:

So this was another dream of mine just coming true. Hope there are more and more to follow!
Kisses from a happy mother!

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Daniela said...

I am glad that I have the privilege to be the first who commented!!!:))).
I like the blog, to be more precise I like the background and the fact that the site has a lot of romance.
Please, transmit my congratulations to Ilaria. It was three little steps for world and three giants steps for Ilariuta.
Please post more photos and new subjects in order to be discuss.
A lot of kisses from us (Bigu, Dana and Bogdan)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ralu!
I love the angle from which you see the life as well as I enjoy reading and thinking to your comments! Great! Thanks for sharing with us events from your life!

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