Friday, March 4, 2011

I hate spring!

I love every spring season detail: flowers, birds singing, sun shining, trees budding,... But while I dream to see out of my window something like this:
all I see every spring after the snow is melted is this dirty part of the world:

I'm not complaining about my life here. I have so many thing to be grateful for! Here is a small part of them. I just hope better days will come and our children won't learn about seasons only from books, during the week-ends or visiting their grandparents!

When living in this country sometimes it gets so hard to dream...

How is your spring this year? More like my dream or more like my reality?
Have a wonderful week-end!
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maria m. said...

....,,vindem,, ieftin, ...apartament cu 3 camere....spre padure, muuuult ciripit de pasarele vara,si, cu muuulta racoare ...iarna !!!!

Raluca said...

multu de oferta! e confortabil sa stii ca, la o adica, ai de unde alege!

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