Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book: Sarah's key/Se numea Sarah (TatianaDeRosnay) - 9

'I'll come back for you later. I promise.'
Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten year-old Jewish girl, is arrested by the French police in the middle of the night, along with her mother and father. Desperate to protect her younger brother, she locks him in a cupboard and promises to come back for him as soon as she can.

That's written on the book's back cover and those were enough words to make me want to read the book.
I'm always interested to read and find out more about Jews' fate during WWII. I still cannot believe my ears when I hear there are people nowadays denying Holocaust! There is so much evil in our world...
The book is fascinating. It's easy to be read. It took me only 3 days to finish it. And the actions described in it are so exciting that I was surprising myself on many pages reading few words on top of the page then jumping directly to the page's bottom, as I couldn't stand the tension and just wanted to find out faster what's next!
The story is fiction, but it could have been so easily true, in those days full of terror. 
A very good novel which worth to be read. It made me appreciate my life and my freedom, as they are. I could be angry daily on a neighbor, on a fellow citizen, on an insolent person, on a particular situation, but at any moment of the day and night I am free to live my life as I want, near my family!
Don't take your freedom for granted! Remember! Never forget! There were times when others could order for families to be split, for lives to be shortened...

On a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best) I give it a 9.

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Ramona said...

Abia astept sa citesc si eu cartea!

Raluca said...

O sa ti-o imprumut cu mare drag, dupa ce te lamuresti care-i treaba cu planetele ;-)

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