Monday, February 21, 2011

One thousand gifts (part one)

I discovered recently a wonderful blog: A Holy Experience; and I read it for about a week already. It's... beautiful. A peaceful corner in our restless world. Full of wise words and gratefulness.

Blog's author, Ann Voskamp, wrote a book. A successful one in USA.
So far, I read only the 1st chapter, which she shares here. Reading it, I became even more grateful for my life, realizing one more time how blessed I am, but how, in different stages of my life, I forget to fully appreciate what I have, being too busy with wanting more...

On Mondays, Ann organizes links community, where bloggers count their blessings. 

Here I join her for the 1st time, starting to count a part of the things in my life that I am grateful for:
1. digital cameras
2. our warm home during winter
3. motherhood
4. my helpful sister and my sweet niece
5. living in a free country
6. unannounced visits (thanks, Moni!)
7. strangers who touch my soul within minutes
8. Ilaria waking up "singing"
9. watermelon
10. good doctors
11. sweet memories
12. friends calling just for asking "how are you?"
13. maternity leave (2 years, in Romania!)
14. blue jeans :-)
15. health
16. meals cooked by somebody else
17. parents and grandparents alive
18. Ilaria's dirty clothes after playing outside (they are reminders that we have a healthy child)
19. advices coming from caring people
20. anesthetic
21. pictures that make me dream
22. Skype
23. Adrian caring after Ilaria as good as a mother
24. honest people
25. Ilaria's current looooong afternoon naps ( 3-5 hours! lucky me ;-) )
26. reaching destination after long trip on crowded driveways

Have a blessed week!

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-t- said...


Welcome to the Gratitude Community! I am so excited for you in discovering Ann, her book & her blog, her ministry. I am also excited for you to read the entire book :) I just completed chapter 5 and there is no doubt each chapter is amazing in the way it draws one closer to Him.

I love your counting :) and it is #21 "pictures that make me dream"

On Mondays I usually choose 3 posts to visit, today it was your picture that drew me to you :)

God bless you & keep you. Keep on counting :}


Craig said...

I’m visiting from Ann’s today. I know it’s Tuesday and the link was yesterday. But there are 300 of us linking – I’ll be reading all week and still won’t get to them all. So I’m glad I got to yours.

First, you are so right – her blog is a corner of peace – welcome to the community she has forged of committed Christian readers

And I do have one favorite from your list. It’s 24. honest people (because without that why bother communicating. Before Our Lord captured my heart I was a “charmer” – more plainly – a deceiver – nobody could ever tell if I was being truthful and I used it as a tool – and not for a long time since – agreed – honesty is SO important)

Thank you for sharing your list – it’s really a joy reading all of these.

God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey.

Adrian said...

I really like the idea of posting the things/facts/persons/etc. you are grateful for. I think this is an useful exercise for all of us on the way of being happy and pleased with what we have achieved and become so far. And this is the very first important step: to identify and be aware of. We will be very surprised with our findings and, more than this, with the amount of them.

Raluca said...

Yes, it really is a great idea.
And another good idea, for those who don't own a blog yet and want to write down such gratitude lists, is to join their lists as comments to my Monday "One thousand gifts" posts.
Waiting for you lists too!

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