Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some of Ilaria's hobbies lately

Ilaria is full of energy and ideas lately. She even shortened her afternoon sleeping time to half, probably in order to have more time for her hobbies.
Above all nice things in this world, she loves people the most. When we are outside she is very busy with having eye contact, smiling and exchanging few "words" with everybody. If the other person don't give a damn, she won't insist. She "reads" people so well already!

She is also passionate about:

* writing:
She seems to be right handed. When using her left hand she is really clumsy and immediately change the pen to right hand.

* dancing with Daddy every single evening. They even have "their song": Under Paris skies

* chasing doves in parks

* using curtains as handkerchief (from where did she learn this? no idea! I hope that's pure imagination)

* digging the soil into the flowers pots, with her bare hands, even when she has tools available!

* making herself useful when Daddy vacuums the floors:

Have a funny day!

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Dan said...

Se pare, deci, ca nu te-a mostenit in ceea ce priveste scrisul cu mana stanga :D Dar nu e niciodata prea tarziu, nu? :)

Craig said...

This whole thing made me smile from beginning to end. She’ll be off to college soo you know – treasure the moments! And the best picture of all – dad helping and your baby helping him :)

May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day Raluca

Anonymous said...

Very nice hobbies of Ilaria, specially the last one :)
Ilaria is very cute baby-girl.

Generally I need to say, that you are running really nice blog here.

All the best wishes!
Alen from Vienna

Raluca said...

@Dan: da, din pacate se pare ca gena nu s-a transmis... Mai asteptam argumente suplimentare, dar nu prea am sperante.

Raluca said...

@Alen: what a nice surprise to see you around! Thanks for the comment and wish you all the best!

Sue said...

I love that Ilaria is dancing with her Daddy while sporting one sock on, one sock off!

Looks like your snow is about melted off, lucky you! Our roads are finally clear but still lots of snow on the ground. And mud, mud, everywhere mud!

My little one, Mack, has the same urge as Ilaria and must climb on my back anytime I am down on the ground cleaning. If only we could get them to help with the work, right?

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