Monday, February 7, 2011

I would freeze time NOW

Back in my childhood I remember hearing adult people saying in the background, with nostalgic voices: "childhood... these are the most beautiful years!". We were playing carefree, without understanding the real meaning of those words, not feeling the time passing fast at all and, of course, feeling immortal. Summer holidays (15th June - 15th September) were for me entire lifetimes, passing slow, full of activities and I was even forgetting the hand write. I was having a big problem when starting school after the long summer holiday: it was hard for me to distinguish between "E" and "3".
Back then I didn't feel like they were "the most beautiful years", as I didn't have what to compare them to.

Then, when in high school and university, I heard again the same words: "these are your best years! young + healthy + carefree = fun". But again I didn't feel those years were my best ones. I think I was hoping: "something even better should come for me!".

I don't know what's in store for my future and since nothing is guaranteed, ask me NOW about freezing the time! Yes, that's the very stage of my lifetime when I would press "pause" button on my life's remote if I would have something like this.
I'm sure for me motherhood is the waited "best part of my life". And, on the other hand, I don't feel so immortal anymore :-) And I think that's another key toward the conscious happiness.

I would freeze time now, to live forever similar stories like these:
* me working on my gobelin, while Adrian and Ilaria are running through the house, chasing each other and laughing loud. These are moments when I think to myself: "what more I could ask from life? really nothing! health and a happy family are enough to declare myself the happiest!"
* I love how Adrian sets up Ilaria's chairs in the evening, after she falls asleep:
We call this image: "Baby bar closed. Sorry, we serve but water until tomorrow morning 8AM"
* we've been promoting hardly our titles ("mama" & "tata") lately. Yesterday morning I was blessed to hear "mama" for the 1st time in my life! Until then, Adrian was proud to be preferred in Ilaria's dialogues:
    ** the 1st time I've heard a clear "ma..." it was followed by a "...ta" :-))
    ** once, while speaking on the phone with Grandma from Sighisoara, Ilaria was asked by Grandma to say "mama" and she answered back with "tata", 5 times in a row :-))

P.S.: thanks to all of you who participated at my 2nd poll. Here are the results:
I'm happy to see that I have traditional readers who still enjoy the fun of snow sledding.
@ the 3 of you who answered "No": maybe you should seriously take into consideration buying a sledge. Global warming is not a joke and who knows how much time is left for us to enjoy snow!?


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