Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beetroot salad

What you need:

For a 4 person salad you need 4-5 medium beetroot. You bake them into the oven. (Mine were already baked when I took the above picture.)

Peel and cut the beetroot in cubes:

Scrape the horseradish:

Add salt, olive oil, vinegar and water. Be generous with salt and vinegar. And with water; you will be surprised how thirsty beetroot can be, because it is dehydrated after it was baked. So, in order to have a juicy salad let it stay for few hours before consuming it. Most probably some more water will be needed to be added.

Usually in our house this salad is served with chicken schnitzel.

Pofta buna!
(Bon appetit!)

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Dan said...

Miam miam :)
Da chimenul l-ai uitat? :D

Adrian said...

Believe me, it's very good! When I'm asked to choose between apple pie and beetroot salad I have to think twice before choosing the pie.

Daniela said...

Poate fi interesant.

Raluca said...

@Dan: stiu ca la Sighi se pune si chimen. Nu l-am uitat, dar nu-mi place in salata asta. Si cum eu sunt sefa (la bucatarie ;-)), familia se supune gusturilor mele.

@Adrian: is this your 1st serious comment on this blog or what? I wish I'd see you more often here :-)

@Dana: multu de link!

Adrian said...

Well, I'm waiting your question about the pie and you'll have the chance to find it out.

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