Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Movies clichés

I'm a big fan of biographic movies (and books). I love reality more than fantasy. I like to know how real people lived their lives and I'm not so interested on how far somebody's imagination can go. That's why I avoid SF movies and I'm not so crazy about fantasy. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find a good biographic movie not being a drama, but that's another story...

I've seen enough movies to deeply set in my mind universal movies clichés, which I discover they can be so wrong sometimes. Few examples:

the majority of coma victims come back to life 
Due to my want-to-know-everything husband, who visits often, I recently found out the bitter truth that only a little part of coma victims recover

* any birth is painful
I can bear witness that C-section is pretty much like "shopping" a baby.
On the other hand, I know mothers which delivered naturally, without anesthesia and they were not traumatized by the experience!

* when you get pregnant you MUST jump for joy, for few minutes
And here comes the story I want to share with you today:
We were waiting for the moment 1.5 years and I didn't jump! Long time I wondered if something was wrong with me or it was OK acting like that.
I am Sagittarius (fire sign) and Adrian is Cancer (water sign), so when I'm ready to jump (start the fire) he calms me down (pours some water). That's how it usually works in our family.
It was 5AM and I was holding my 1st so desirable positive pregnancy test. So I was ready to jump for joy. But I had Adrian beside me: "Wait! Maybe it's just a mistake. I think a 2nd test is needed." And I didn't jump...
The next 5AM I was holding my 2st so desirable positive pregnancy test. Imagine I jumped? Wrong! Now I had also my doubting mind whispering: "Wait! Doctor should confirm the pregnancy and that the egg is correctly placed (intrauterine)."
We went to the doctor. She confirmed everything was perfect! But again I didn't jump. My mind again: "Wait! The first 3 months are problematic! x% of the 1st pregnancies are lost within the first 3 months!!".
3 months of pregnancy passed. "Should I jump now? No, wait! Have you ever heard about toxoplasmosis? What about Down syndrome?"
And so on...
In fact I never literally jumped for being pregnant with Ilaria. And I'm sorry for this. But I'm sorry only because I've been taught by movies that jumping is the "normal" behavior and.. who doesn't dream for a life like in movies?
A cliché which I didn't tick off and I'm a little frustrated because of it. Stupid, I know! But still frustrated a little...
We were keeping in our storeroom a bottle of wine bought during our honeymoon (July 2006). In October 2009, when Ilaria was born, the bottle was still there, intact. I would have drank it 1000 times, but every time Adrian was calming me down not to open it. "It's not THAT gala now." I was starting to accept the idea that we would probably open it when Ilaria would get married or when she would have her 1st baby. But not. I finally convinced my husband that 1 month of Ilaria's life here, on Earth, was really THAT gala and we could finally allow ourselves to "jump" for our greatest lives' gift: Ilaria. And we opened the bottle in November 2009 :-)

My opinion is that movies, the same as commercials, try to teach us which is the "standard" life. But many times, we get disappointed after comparing our lives with movies or commercials.
...Or maybe it's just our impression here and we forgot the carefree joy, because of too much information!?
What's your opinion? 
And by the way... are you a "jumper"?

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Adrian said...

There is movie called "White Men Can't Jump" so I do have an excuse for not being a "Jumper".

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