Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear life!!

"Dear life, when I say 'Things could not get any worse', it is NOT a challenge!" (source)

After spending some days indoor because of the "kindergarten virus" and some other days because of my chickenpox, here we are stuck AGAIN in our tiny flat, this time because of Maria's chickenpox.

Room temperature on a daily basis: 28 Celsius degrees.

1. grumpy baby

I know! It seems quite impossible for her to be grumpy ever. But believe me, she succeeds so well in being grumpy these days! And, in those moments, I simply forget I have a photo camera. So, no proof here.

2. her wild sister:

Wait! Here I have a little sample of her wilderness:

(This is the yesterday's "water love" picture. Today she tried to teach the infrared forehead thermometer float. She failed in her attempt.)

3. their nervous mother.

Missing you, nature! Missing you so much!
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Anonymous said...

Sanatate Ralu, si tie si fetelor:)
Sa ne vedem cu bine,

Adrian said...

The time to make some profit has come. I'm thinking to register Ilaria to few kindergartens and perceive some money from them just to keep her away. Hm!

Raluca said...

Multumim, Adriana!!

Raluca said...

@Adrian: you know how some are saying: "children are the best investment ever.". Almost 3 years of investment is time enough to start thinking about profit too ;-)

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