Monday, June 11, 2012

One thousand gifts (part seven)

I continue the wonderful experience of counting my life's blessings.
I am grateful also for:

83. miracle in my family. My uncle survived a serious car accident, on 19th of March. On that day our hearts skipped lots of beats when we heard terms like: SMURD, cardiac arrest, deep coma, resuscitation, intensive care, traumatic brain injury, memory loss, multiple fracture, affected lung, internal hemorrhage. In less than 2 months from the accident he went back in the office!
84. Ilaria trying to calm Maria, by telling her: "Don't cry, Maria! Ilaria loves you."
85. I was feeding Ilaria with fish. After 2 bites she told me "this fish is not good". I ate it and in my 2nd bite I discovered 2 dangerous bones.
86. "Entire galaxies have been formed by His hand. A hand that looks like mine. A hand that reaches into my life, writes my name, knows my children." Wonderful words. Cath's.
87. sunny days when we can finally meet again the pure nature, after many weeks of rainy weather
88. my chickenpox (varicella) illness these days, with only 15 blisters!, which, for my age, is a little miracle
89. Ilaria answering back: "I love you too!"
90. rediscovering my old summer clothes after a long cold season
91. get back in shape after pregnancy (back to my normal weight - 65 kilos)
92. get rid of maternity clothes and rediscover the "normal" ones
93. Adrian's joy to meet the girls after few days work delegation out of town (and country. The Russian one.)
94. flowers bouquet ( with no reason ;-) )
95. reading a good book and realizing, once again, what a lucky girl I am and how easy I have everything (Escape)
96. cuddling Maria (she loves  loves loves to be hugged and kissed)
97. Ilaria's current good night ritual, which works so well: story (always the same - "The big turnip") -> "Our Father" -> eyes shut and sleep.
98.  Ilaria "protecting" Maria in park: touching Maria or even her stroller is strictly forbidden for any kid; when outside, nothing is more important for Ilaria than keeping away the "intruders".
100. Ilaria: "hipopopotam"
101. nicknames for Maria, invented by Ilaria: "Manina", "Mănită Nononită"
102. my colored life:

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Have a blessed week!

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Adrian said...

...Ilaria saying about every fly she meets outside: "Get it out"

Natasha said...

God is amazing! Praising Him for your uncle's recovery.

My youngest answers back, "Too," when we tell him I love you.

Raluca said...

Thank you, Adrian! I will put this in the next list.

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