Thursday, July 26, 2012

Forest fruits yogurt / Iaurt de fructe (de pădure)

I'm so in love with cooking ( or with food!? ;-) ), that I could watch Paprika channel all day long! I even do this, sometimes, during our holidays at my parents, where girls have their grandparents around to take care of them and where... there is a TV set :-)
Usually my brain is blocked on one solution that I know for ages and I don't find other options by myself. That's why I often need inspiration. Regarding fruits yogurt, I never thought to obtain the homemade one and because the ones that can be found in groceries usually have artificial ingredients added, fruits yogurt wasn't to be found very often in our menu. At least, this was the case until one lucky day during our last Easter holiday, when, on Paprika channel, Bill Granger (I think) suggested an homemade fruits yogurt. I don't remember what fruits he used, but that's how I adapted his idea and obtained the most delicious, simplest, coolest, perfect on hot summer days, homemade yogurt ( and the only one I ever tasted ;-) ):

What you need:

Put the ingredients in a deep pot.

Blend them until smooth.

Separate the kernels.

Enjoy the result!
(even not from fridge, it still gives you a cool sensation, just perfect for our crazy summers!)

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