Friday, June 15, 2012

The price of socialization

On 9th of May Ilaria started kindergarten. She went there for two days. From home she was planning to skip kindergarten, but, when we were reaching the place, she was too attracted by kids and toys to even remember me. So it was easy to let her there. Then, during the 4 hours of kindergarten time, she was having an episode of crying for Daddy and Mommy, but it was nothing as dramatic as we expected. When I was going back to pick her up, she was happy again. Both days the same scenario.
During the first day's beauty sleep she woke up crying and saying she was dreaming she was in kindergarten. That was OK. We were prepared for her to be affected by the separation.
On second day, when I went to pick her up from kindergarten, she was wearing another pants than the ones I left her with. The ladies there explained me that she had thrown up food! WHAT?? My girl who thrown up for only 3 times in her entire life (once because of fever, once because of overfeeding herself and the last time during a... tantrum). Later, Ilaria she told me she didn't like the food. That was half OK. That meant respect for the kindergarten's staff members. That meant she ate food she didn't like, while at home almost any food was "not good".
Then, on that very night's sleep, she was crying while sleeping, and she was having a nightmare dreaming and "seeing" dozens of doggies on her bed. In fact she was raving because of fever. WHAT?? My girl who didn't have fever I don't know since when (probably more than 1 year).
In the end it proved to be a bad virus which got the all four of us down for more than three weeks!

We payed too much money, medicines and a big part of my nerves in the battle. Money - because we payed kindergarten for three weeks, even if Ilaria went there for only two days. My nerves - because we had to stay locked inside for four days in a row. Which, with a grumpy baby and a wild little girl wanting to "fix the problem" by slapping the baby, was pure jungle.
Thanks God everybody is just fine now, enjoying the wonderful summer time we have here now!
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