Sunday, January 8, 2012

How we did it - photo shooting with toddler and without photographer

I've heard our mothers saying lately lots of: "I don't know how we did everything back then". They forgot many details and remained the main idea that raising children is a hard job. Yes, I can relate. It's a hard job but, thanks God, a funny one too, many times.
On the other hand, some of my friends are asking me: "how do you do everything on your own?"
Let me tell you something. I'm not "on my own". I get lots of help from my husband, our parents and some friends (special thanks go to Aniela and Adriana V.).

So, with that being said, I want to remember how we did it.
With this post I'm starting a set of stories here, on my blog. 

Today: photo shooting with toddler and without photographer.

Ilaria reached that stage of toddler age 2-3 years of old when tantrums are all around the clock with us. Of course, when we insist by pushing her to look at the camera too much, she turns her head in the opposite direction. As I mentioned in this post, a person as photographer is better than any tripod in the world. But, there are moments when we don't have anybody else near us to take the 100 pictures in order to obtain the good one.

Our solution is this:
Ilaria's baby doll, Maria, is taking pictures of our family when nobody else is around.

We are content. She did a good job:
Christams Eve 2011

And you know something!? When photo shoot was over, Ilaria had another tantrum. This time she was complaining why we weren't taking some more photos! :-)
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Aniela said...

Sunteti taaare frumosi!
Sa fiti sanatosi,sa traiti si sa va iubiti unii pe ceilalti!

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