Monday, January 9, 2012

My ordinary day of today

Because nobody told me exactly how hard and beautiful it will be with 2, let me tell you the whole truth of an ordinary day.
So today I:
* ate breakfast at 10:45AM
* took my morning fitness class with Ilaria, singing Tyrolean yodelling songs, dancing like crazy people and jumping on the bed. Music: Tyrolean folk music. Our favorites: "Die Berge die sind mein Zuhaus" and "Hände zum Himmel".
* changed Ilaria's clothes 3 times - we are during potty training for pee, but without satisfactory results yet
* had fun watching Ilaria cleaning the house:
That girl has an eye for dirt. She sees dirt everywhere. And usually she is right.

* poured tears of frustration when I've been slapped by my own toddler girl. Twice...
* took some more fitness classes in the afternoon, this time with Maria on my lap, who simply doesn't want to align to Ilaria's good habit - eat much and rare and sleep long, but rather prefers the healthy choice: eat little and often and sleep short.
* when Adrian texted me at 3PM: "How are you?" I've replied: "As usual... It's hard. I've laughed and cried few times already. Ilaria is sleeping now and Maria wants much and many. I will survive! Waiting for you asap."
* laughed again with Maria

* took lunch at 5PM
* had an educational evening trying with Adrian to figure out what can be done. We looked pretty much like this lady

Complaining is the last thing I'm thinking of now. I'm still crazy in love with my family and with my stay-at-home-mom current status!

P.S.: dedication for Ilaria over the years

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Mihaela said...

Busy day for you, Ralu! :)

Adrian said...

I only can hope this won't be considered an ordinary day in the near future. By near I mean several days.

Jamie B said...

Your day sounds like some of my days. I just reminding myself on those days, that it won't last forever and they will be grown before I know it. Hugs from Alabama!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

AWW...some of those days really DO seem so long! And you eventually figure it out, and what you don't figure out, if you love them enough, they'll forgive you for it!

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