Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Where children sleep"

I started thinking we are out of space here. Starting with October we should be 4 people in 2 rooms.
I started to wake up in the morning thinking who will sleep where, with whom as room-mate and in which bed. (and I still don't have a clear picture about it.)
I am complaining often, especially about neighbors who disturb our sleep and who don't allow us to aerate our house right when we want (because the ones beneath us smoke in the window and the ones above us clean their carpets out of the window) and who... but OK, I don't mention anything more...
I complain on weather too, especially in these hot days when temperature in Ilaria's room rises up to 28 Celsius degrees!
To be short, I often forget to be grateful for what we have and I find myself criticizing and wanting more.
Today a special link came into my way. It is that kind of reminder which make you realize that yes, there are many living better than you do, but there could be even more living worse. Much worse!
It made me realize one more time that our children are not growing up, as I would like, in the garden of Eden, full of trees, flowers and bees, but they have many opportunities that others don't even dare to dream about.

Here is the link that melted my heart today.

And here is the book.

Have a wonderful week-end and... don't forget to be grateful! You surely have many reasons!
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Mihaela said...

I love the room. Neat, clean... with Ana's picture on one of the walls!

Sue said...

Wow. What a powerful photo essay. We are rearranging the kids bedrooms right now and I get frustrated trying to figure out where to put everything. What a spoiled mother I am! Thank you for helping remember my blessings.

You will make it to the country one day, the Lord blesses those who wait on Him patiently.

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