Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time for little projects

I hear often people saying that only when the 2nd child comes you realize how much free time you were having when you were with only one child. So, lately, I took the opportunity to fulfill little projects which made me happy:

* I've started with the wedding album (the most complex of those projects)

* then I have continued with a tiny one. I framed my sweet niece's picture in Ilaria's room, so Ilaria could take "enough" of Ana whenever she wants:
OK, here I have to admit I just painted the frame in acrylic and I attached the hanger. Frame was already heart shaped.

*  this one I made for Ilaria room's window.
And it took me much more time than I could have ever estimated. I got it done in 4 steps!! : cut - cut - glue - color. I won't underestimate the effort needed for such projects ever again!

* the last one, the tasty one I made on 10th of August. My parents were here, Ilaria was 22 months old on that very day and we had another appointment for checking on baby (everything is perfect with the little baby girl and she weights approx. 1600 grams!). With so many events to celebrate, a cake was welcome:
It was tasty and appreciated by everybody (including Ilaria!) and my greatest satisfaction came when Ilaria exclaimed: " ursu' " (the bear) when she saw it for the first time. I had big doubts she would recognize the animal :-)

Kisses from a not-so-busy-yet Mom ;-)

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m.m. said...

...ce nepoate dragute avem , si, ...ce bunatate de tort a fost cel cu ,,usu,, (asa zice Ilaria la urs) !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mihaela said...

This is sooooo... cute! VERY nice! VERY sweet! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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