Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sarah's recipe

Here is another easy-to-be-made and no-fire-involved recipe. Great to be done in hot summer days when heat cooking is torture..

What is needed:

You dice tofu and tomatoes; add sliced olives, olive oil and condiment. Mix well and serve with fresh bread.
Bon appetit!

P.S.: the recipe's name comes from a beautiful lady who inspires me daily. Her blog can be read here. And my recipe is an adaptation of one of her tasty recipes, which can be found here. I replaced feta with tofu and onion with olives so I've obtained a nice fasting recipe which can be served whenever and wherever.
Thank you, Sarah, once again! You rock!
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m.m. said...

....miamiiiiii, ce buna a fost !!!!!!!

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