Monday, December 20, 2010

So, this is Santa Claus... Uh-huh...

On Friday we had company's Christmas party.
I was afraid that Ilaria will be terrified by meeting Santa Claus. So I was preparing the moment long time ago, by showing her the poster with Santa Claus on her room's window and by singing "Mos Craciun cu plete dalbe" few times per day.
Ilaria waiting for Santa Claus:
She was watching the clowns, the princesses, children dancing, everything from distance.

Santa came so late and he was so fast assaulted by children, that Ilaria didn't realize much of the moment's importance. I'm so sorry for Santa. He is such a generous and kind old man. But soooo very busy. There wasn't time for him to take every child on his lap...
This is the best picture we have with Santa:

In the end Ilaria didn't have enough energy and interest to look for the presents he gave her:

Maybe next year more excitement will be involved in their meeting. :-)

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