Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the 1st time with public transportation

Don't get me wrong. The title refers to Ilaria, not to me :-)

As yesterday in Brasov was the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the best Romanian Christmas carols singer, Ştefan Hruşcă, was singing for the event, we didn't want to miss the opportunity and we participated (we = Ilaria, me, my mother and my mother in law; Adrian is not part of the story, as he is in a job trip to Vienna currently).

The town's center was so crowded that we decided the best would be to use public transportation.
Waiting in the bus station I had the feeling that I was doing something wrong. Buses that were coming were very crowded. I decided to wait for the 1st bus that was going to our wanted destination and in case that it would have been too crowded, then me and Ilaria wouldn't have gone further and would have turned back home. Immediately after this decision was taken, an empty bus (only the driver in it) came! Imagine how lucky we felt. I thought that for Ilaria would be a lot of fun. And I wasn't wrong at all... 
We jumped in, took our places and the 40 minutes long (instead of the 10 minutes long) trip begun. The town was so full of cars that our bus was staying more then moving.
Again we felt very lucky, as our bus was not crowding at all in stations.

But life is full of surprises and the lady sitting next to us soon started to entertain Ilaria more than I would have permitted her... if she would have asked...
Unfortunately she didn't ask and she started to push Ilaria's nose, to give Ilaria her purse to play with, and, on the top of all, to take Ilaria on her lap and to snuggle with her!! All those with me there, near them, unable to say anything against. I was staying there, looking at them, struggling between saying "stop now, lady!" or being a "nice" person and allow her to do whatever she wanted with my darling little girl. And I ended... saying nothing! Of course, immediately after reaching the destination and escaped the too-friendly woman, I declared I won't ever have the same passive behavior in the future. Will I be strong enough to keep my promise??

The square where the event took place was so crowded, that I was the only one in our group able to see Hruşcă, from around 40 meters distance! Our mothers proved to be too short for such a challenge.

In the end, our adventure was beneficial, as our 1 and respective 62 years old group members (Ilaria and my mom) enjoyed a lot their 1st live fireworks!

I still ask myself: what if that lady was ill?

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1 comment:

Dan said...

Haha :)
Faina povestea! Oricum e bine ca Ilaria a luat primul contact cu sistemul de transport public de la noi, nu de alta, da dupa ce o sa se plimbe cu tramvaiul Siemens prin Viena, de exemplu, nu o sa mai calce veci in astea romanesti :D
Oricum, daca stam sa ne gandim, era foarte fain (si o adevarata aventura) si pe vremea noastra, cu autobuzul, de la Stadion si pana pe Ana Ipatescu :))
Si la spectacol, sper ca le-ai povestit celor de la etajele inferioare ceea ce ai vazut tu de la inaltime :))
Va pupez :)

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