Saturday, December 4, 2010

American cake (fasting recipe)

This is an easy mix -> cook -> enjoy fasting recipe.
The recipe is taken from a fasting recipes book, so don't blame me for its name. Maybe you will consider it as American as I am: not at all. Anyway, it's good!

What you need:
(I used a 200ml cup)

You start by pouring the vinegar over the bicarbonate. I used red vinegar, as I didn't have white vinegar in the house. At this step you should get a nice reaction, bicarbonate being "angry" for what you done to it :-)

You add all other ingredients.
In case that your cocoa is the same as mine, grouped in little "balls", you should sift it before, in order to obtain a smooth mixture.

You mix well:

Prepare the cooking trays by lightly oiling them and then cover them with little flour:

Pour the cake mixture into the trays:

Cook the cakes for around 30-40 minutes.
You can check that they are well cooked, by pricking the cake once with a match. You can conclude the cooking is over when you pull out the match clean, with no dough on it.
Trick: to avoid cake's deflation, take it out from the hot tray immediately, at the end of cooking.

Bon appetit!

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