Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy birthday, dear blog of mine!

Today, 05th of October 2011, my blog celebrates its 1st birthday! 
(you can read here how I started blogging)
So far, writing on this blog was a great experience and anybody whom ever crossed his / her mind to start blogging, I fully recommend: just do it!

I want to mention here some things I have learned since blogging:

* there are people who read my posts and who care, even if they prefer to remain silent (they don't "like" my links on Facebook, nor are they commenting on blog).
I got much more face-to-face feed-back on my posts than I got comments directly on the blog. And I have to face that I experience wonderful satisfaction when I hear people saying: "I tried that recipe of your today and it was delicious indeed" or "you are so right in that post; it happened to me the same too" or "it's such a nice feeling reading your blog"

* I have learned not to dream big success via blogging (anymore).
Of course, when I begun to write here I hoped for billions of hits per day. But, in time, I have learned that such success comes from some exceptional cases which, fortunately or unfortunately (depends on the case), are not my cases:
        - blogger is a brilliant writer
        - substantial giveaways are held often on the blog
        - blogger lives / lived a big drama
        - blogger is very experienced in something

* memories kept here are precious.
I hope so they will be for my family too; I hope the other members will / are appreciate / appreciating what I write here. In the end, they are the no.1 target of this blog. Regarding myself, I only have to read some old posts in order to bring all those emotions here again and... tears into my eyes!

Many thanks to all of you, who are reading and commenting here: Michelle Jo., Adi Sp., Maria Mi., Fred Jo., Faye Vi., Faye Jo., Sue Ri., Joni Ze., Dana & Bogdan Bî., Manu Du., Raluca Bu., Dan Op., Ramona La., Ramona Sp., Dorela Ar., Anamaria Mu., Ramon Gr., Codruţa Te., Elena Mi., Paula Vl., Maria & Andreea Je., Monica Ho., Moni Hă., Anca Ma., Florina He., Raluca Po., Cristina Tr., Petra Cr., Aniela Tâ., Rozy & Eugen Mi., Luminiţa Mu., Cristina & Florin Lu., Carmen Ci.
and to all the others who are reading, but I'm not aware of.
And sorry if I forgot to mention anybody who ever gave me feed-back!

Many thanks, Carmen Ho. & Mirela Iu. for the nice surprise you did today to us and... for reminding me it's my blog's birthday ;-)


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Adrian said...

I was also hoping that I can retire for reading while you are just earning enough for the entire family to live wealthy. I'm still a dreamer but it seems I need to have patience for the next 30 years to finally retire.

Mihaela said...

Thank you dear Ralu! I love the blog! XOXOXOXOX

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I feel the same about blogging, it's a journal for me as much as anyone, and dreams of calls from magazines or book publishers have long since vanished, I do it for enjoyment, pure and simple. That, I think is best for ME. Why? Because mom and wife is my most important job anyway. I am wishing you a wonderful second year of blogging, my friend!

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