Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Little things in a big world

* I'm surprised how much we learn on nature with our kids. There are things we probably knew before, but were replaced in the meantime by math theory during university years or by some other life's details.
- I recently learned that frogs are "singing" when rain is to come. On a rainy evening when hundreds of frogs were singing but it was too late to enjoy them, I promised my girls we will go visit the singing frogs the next day, but the weather was clear that next day and... no singing frog, not even one. 
- although the cockchafer is also called "the May bug", it can be seen only end of June (we are still waiting for this show) 
- the 1st stork observed by us this year was on 22nd of March (I plan to keep a track of these dates)

* 19th March - Sf. Ilaria. I never imagined such a little cake can bring so much joy! 

* we had some busy days in March, when girls were falling asleep in strange places and positions. Doesn't happen often here.

* one of our favorites books is "Guess how much I love you". It's so popular that currently Ilaria loves me to America and back and Maria loves me to Austria and back. Big loves! ❤ 

* in April we faced a new-for-us disease - Herpangina. After 7 days with BIG fever, Maria was an expert on temperature measurement. On dolls :-)

* 3rd baby enjoying at maximum this classic toy.

* 2 years and 7 months old seem to be the perfect age for potty training, or at least for Maria it was. With little exceptions every now and then since then, in 5 days she was trained!

* in April Ilaria spent her 1st holiday away from us. 4.5 years old and finally she was happy to go with Buni by train to Sighisoara for 6 days without any of us.
(until now leaving Brasov without us would have been considered by her as a punishment)

* Ilaria had a jobs' parade in Kindergarten so she had to choose what she wants to become and to wear the costume. Her top 3 favorites were: 1st place-mother, 2nd place-fairy and 3rd place-gardener. With a little help from me ;-) she went for gardener and we were surprised to find out that another colleague of her shared the same passion
* girls joined Hospice cross-country. (I hope this to become a family tradition, as helping others less fortunate than you is always a good lesson for our little people.) 

Maria didn't have a lucky start, as 10 meters after the start line a lady crossed her way and she fell down, on downhill. Anyway, the event left a good impression on her and before leaving the venue she was already training for next year!

* end of school year came with a good idea from Adrian, so Ilaria offered wild flowers to her teachers. One evening Adrian picked the flowers 100 meters away from here
and I made the bouquets.
They were a hit!
(no surprise I don't look very fresh. flower bouquets have been made at... at... at... 3AM)

* have I mentioned before my latest passion? yes! synchronized naps! I adooore them!

Kisses from Wonderland!

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buni Mariuta said...

ioi, ...totul f.f.f. frumos ! Felicitari pt. idei si pt.osteneala !

Anonymous said...

Nimic mai placut de citit decat minunatiile voastre!!! Dc ai scrie non-stop nu m-as satura sa citesc!!!! Iar dc nu ar fi cei trei ingerasi....nu ar fi atat de fermecator!!! Felicitari! Sa ramsneti asa mereu!!!rozy

Raluca said...

Va multumesc mult, Maria & Rozy! Sunteti cele mai mari comentatoare ale momentului pe blogul meu! Mereu cand postez am indoieli daca ceea ce scriu aici merita mentionat sau nu, fiind vreun lucru lipsit de importanta; asa ca suportul pe care il primesc din partea voastra e un imbold in plus ptr. a continua acest dar pe care il ofer familiei mele aici, pe blog!
Sunteti minunate!
Va multumesc!!

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