Monday, October 21, 2013

Maria is 2

My other October girl, Maria, turned 2 yesterday!

Oh my, when did this happen??

And what did I do in the meantime? I worried - a lot, dreamed - a lot, planned - a lot and contemplated God's miraculous creation - not enough. (Does every mother feel the same no matter how much time she spends with her child?)

I could spend entire days just kissing and hugging her. And I'm pretty sure she would allow me do this. I remember Adrian holding her and kissing her chubby cheeks few months ago and exclaiming: "Is there any job consisting in just kissing these cheeks all day long? I would gladly stay overtime." 

We are so lucky to have her. She is kind, sweet, huggable, kissable, all smiles and dances. (of course when she's not sick or scared)

And she is lucky too, being our second child, as now we know more, understand more, have more patience.

Lately she started to speak a lot and pretty correct too. 
But she was funny in the past saying: 
"acununu pazuzu"(= încă un autobuz), 
"Toto"(= Georgio - Curious George), 
"Mama, Mama, Maaaaaaaaaaaa" when I wouldn't answered fast enough, 
nana, mama, tata, buna (instead of nani, mami, tati, buni), because until few days ago she wasn't able to spell the "i" at the end of any word
"pot"(= nu pot)

She loves horses.

And Lego Duplo:

Thanks God, she gladly eats almost any meal I cook. 
And she eats a lot of fruits. Her own way ;-)

Few days ago.
Ilaria: Şi eu vreau sa fiu odată Maria.
Eu: De ce?
Ilaria: Păi Maria tot face şmecherii. Eu nu prea fac şmecherii.

Happy Birthday, sweet Maria!
 , Mami

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buni Mariuta said...

Maria, sa traiesti muuulti si fericiti ani !

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