Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On us lately

I am far behind with blogging.
So far that I didn't even mentioned our winter holidays here...

On St. Nicholas Ilaria prepared the shoes by herself.

She got a wood puzzle and Adrian got a drawing book, so he can teach Ilaria drawing ;-)
St. Nicholas, this kind old man was such in a hurry to reach all the children in one evening, that he forgot our main door opened and he forgot his bell at us.

Then, on Christmas morning

we've tried to induce to Ilaria the what-does-Santa-have-for-me emotions, but without success; she really wasn't expecting anything at all.

Santa was inspired and brought me a book I treasure and wished for a long time already (it wasn't available in Romanian until now) - "Jurnalul Annei Frank".
For Adrian - a pullover and an issue of "Farm and ranch living" (any help for taking Adrian outside the house is welcomed, so, thank you, Santa, for trying, even if I read from this magazine more than Adrian did ;-))

I think those two wise men (St. Nicholas and Santa Claus) have talked to each other before visiting us - for Ilaria Santa brought a magnetic drawing table, so Ilaria with her father could spend some good time together ;-)

Another highlight was my blog, printed on paper ( something that I hope it will become a Christmas tradition for us;-) )

And the most beautiful gift under our Christmas tree:

We sang Christmas carols (Ilaria's favorite: "Ce vedere minunată"). And this happy she was when we sang any other Christmas carol:

Since the last report, Ilaria ended the strange stage when she was violent with Maria and us. It suddenly disappeared, the same as it appeared. Thanks God for this! They love each other and Maria got more courage when Ilaria is around. In the past, she was more like this:
(Maria 3 months old here)
Now she is more like this

*Really loves books lately. Finally she doesn't rip them anymore and she asks us to read for her.
*She is afraid of anything that make a sound (neighbors, cats, dogs, flying doves,...). When she goes to sleep  she lays on the middle of the bed, "so no dog will reach" her there. (I remember myself doing something similar: "no arm, leg or head outside the blanket, or it will be cut".)
*She likes goodnight stories - every time the same one - Corduroy. Tried something else but didn't work.
*She watch movies, or, better to say, movie. She always asks for Heidi. I think she watched it 20 times already. We tried Pinocchio and Polyanna, but without much success until now.
*For months she had the same "dream": a big red car, with a dog as driver, heading toward a bathing place. On the right place, a beautiful lady. Few days ago Adrian suggested her a horse and, of course, since that day, she always "dreams" that horse :-)
*She helps us with chores.
*She is able to dress herself pretty good.
*The greatest help: when in the car and Maria is crying, then Ilaria starts the promises: "Don't cry, Maria! We will reach home soon. Then you will get your milk. Then you will sleep." She is simply adorable when she does this!!!
*Funny words she says now: "puchiu" = copilu' (child), "pâca" = cârpa (dishcloth), "tatida" = stafida (raisin).

Maria is an easy baby now.
*Yes! No more colic. She taught us what afternoon colic means. She was complaining after daily walk, everyday from about 14 o'clock until 22-23. So we tried Colief, Sab Simplex and Espumisan on her. The last 2 with the greatest success. Now she is on milk only. (When she suffered of colic I was so tired that I was pretty close to give her orange juice once and tea for breastfeeding mothers another time. And once, when she was probably just 1 month old, I even succeeded feeding her with milk formula that we were using for Ilaria back then (Töpfer3, with fruits, good after 10 months old)...)
*Usually she sleeps all night long.
*She rubs her eyes with her hands when she is sleepy.
*She loves to play
and many times she doesn't even need us for falling asleep anymore
Oh, how fast time goes by... 
*She likes to chat with us.
*She smiles when we talk to her
*For the moment, her eyes are green.
*She is about 7.5kg weight

*Spends a lot of his free time (or better to be said, of his sleep time) by contributing to Kamikaze magazine, as a volunteer. As an appreciation of his efforts, he has been included in staff members team. We are proud of you, Adrian!
*He gave up a football championship which ruined many of our week-ends in the past. Doub... triple proud of you, Adrian ;-)

I have tried again, but I didn't succeed in convincing Adrian to give up all football games. So, as on Fridays I wasn't thinking positive thoughts on him because of the football games she was attending, we've decided that I will also take from now on few free hours, just for me, on Wednesdays. And you know what? I can't wait for Wednesdays!! Until now I enjoyed a massage session and 3 shopping sessions with friends.
*Another resolution I try to follow: no more Internet while girls are awake and no more Internet after 10PM. So, as Adrian says: "Goodbye, Internet!"
Since we have big snow (07th January) we had a lot of fun outdoor. We spent some time outside, always with both girls.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad and happy Ralu that you have such a big and beautiful family. The girls soften your heart when are in pictures together.
Hope to see you soon:)

Best wishes, Adriana

Dan said...

Sanatate si numa bine intregii familii, de la mic la mare :)
In legatura cu cartea (deh, boala profesionala... Exista o traducere din 1959, a lui C. Toiu, la Ed. Tineretului si inca una din 2006 de la Ed. Wordland International). Tot e bine ca ai dat macar de cea mai recenta :)
Viele Grüße aus "Spielzeugstadt" Sonneberg!

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