Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turkish delight

Our wonderful holiday at Turkey's seaside is over now. Except an afternoon when Ilaria was crying, crying, crying, "without a reason", and except the cold she caught there due to her overprotecting parents who wanted to keep her away of the dangerous sun, everything else was close to perfection. We had the feeling this holiday will last forever, but, unfortunately, it didn't. All that remained were pictures, memories and a big gratefulness feeling. We are now more grateful for what we have and for where we live. Outside our Turkish resort we have seen really poor people, poor villages, poor towns and we realized that Brasov is such a nice town to live in!

Our holiday in pictures, from Ilaria's point of view:

* enjoying the pleasure of carrying a luggage:

* enjoying her 1st flight:

* enjoying the 2 hours long trip from Turkish airport to our resort:
(after she falsely congratulated the driver by clapping her hands and saying "Bravooo!" for 5 or 6 times when the bus was stopping at red traffic light, she felt asleep just 10 minutes before our arrival, so she missed the real "Bravo!" at the end of the trip) 

* enjoying the view from our room ( we were lucky enough to get a duplex room instead of the standard category that we paid for! And we were also lucky to get a freshly bought bed for Ilaria, on the 2nd day of our sojourn! ;-) )
we were all thrilled by the panorama:

* enjoying walking on the promenade:

*enjoying the sea's water:
1st "contact" with sea's water, on the 1st day:
She was really excited. She just didn't want to let it show ;-)

enjoying water on the 2nd day:

and by the 5th day she made real acts of courage:

* enjoying the sand:

* enjoying the elevator's buttons, which, many times, ignored our commands:

* enjoying the freedom of running on halls:

* enjoying the pleasure of begging:
and then, enjoying the begging's gain:

* enjoying mini-disco, every evening, 21:00 - 21:30:
enjoying mini-disco on the 1st evening. Ilaria's original dance:
2nd evening:
3rd evening, taking care of one of her newly made friends:
also 3rd evening:
enjoying mini-disco on the 4th evening. Another original dance of Ilaria:
mini-disco on the 6th evening (her couple was the trend-setter for this activity):

* enjoying the watermelon carving:

* enjoying shopping in Kusadasi:

* enjoying the beautiful Greek ancient village of Sirince:
"enjoying" the view up from the hill:

tasting for the 1st time one of mommy's preferred fruit - mulberries. And really enjoying them:
Raluca: before leaving for this holiday I've seen mulberries from Turkey, on one of Brasov's markets. So I imagined we would get mulberries at every meal. I was so wrong. We got none! And I'm pregnant so I was dreaming mountains of mulberries! :-) The dream came true in Sirince:

also from Sirince:

* enjoying her 2nd flight, the flight back home
At lift off, Adrian took Ilaria on his lap so she could have seen outside the window. She was quiet and he said "she is so excited about what she sees! She is focused on the panorama for some minutes already." Then we realized she was just this focused:

So long, Turkey!
We'll miss you, for sure!

Ralu & Co.

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m.m. said...

...ati avut un concediu....suuuper !!!

Mihaela said...

Great pictures and details! We love Ilaria's dancing style! Pretty Ilaria!

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