Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A family tradition (update 1)

I'm not sure have I ever mentioned in any post about one of my favorite days over the year or not.
This is the 3rd year when, one warm summer day, when everyone of us was just fine, after a 2 km march through the forest, we aligned the kids under "our" oak tree, a big and old one - about 800 years old - and I captured the moment. 
It's not as easy as it sounds, as kids AND my assistants are anxious and they think every time that "this will last forever" until I finally take the about 50 pictures, including the "perfect" one.
I fear I'm the only one enjoying these days, but I plan to keep the tradition, no matter how hard it will be. I'm sure the kids will thank me in the future.

15th of July 2012

 07th of September 2013

16th of August 2014

18th of October 2015
This was a short trip Mărcuș - Sighișoara of just 1 day and because we reached the scene around noon, when the kids were already tired, we broke the tradition of walking through the wood and, this time, we reached our oak tree by car. Anyway, we spent wonderful moments there, as we do every time!
 my family

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buni Mariuta said...

sa multa sanatate si bucurii !

Alina Ivan said...

Foarte frumos! Minunată familie!

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