Friday, September 28, 2012


Last Monday Ilaria restarted kindergarten. This time officially, with opening ceremony.

We did our best to prepare her for the days ahead. We explained her about new friends, toys, games, a kind teacher.

But the first day was painful. For her and for me. I had to literary let the teacher grab Ilaria from my arms, against Ilaria's will, as no argument was enough to make her feel safe there, "alone". She broke my heart and we both poured tears. Since that day, Adrian is the one who leaves her in the kindergarten and I feel much better, selfish myself!

(this was her 2nd day. pretty good, I would say.)

She went there four days last week, time enough to get a "good" flu virus which put down all three of us, the girls in the house. And then, on Friday, as she stayed home ill, she didn't break my heart anymore, but my brain this time.. :-)
This week she is a veteran already and she simply loves to join her colleagues in the kindergarten. In the morning she doesn't even allow herself to drink her milk and she tells Adrian: "OK Tati, let's go to the kindergarten now!". And she sings and she laughs while heading there.
She has some problems when I go to pick her up, as four hours seem to be still too much for her or/and she is afraid I would abandon her there someday. But then, the next day, she is happy and willing to go in kindergarten again.

Proud of you, Ilaria!
We surely love you and will come to get you for the fun in the park daily! We promise!
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Anonymous said...

frumos:) asteptam de mult primele impresii.

Sa fiti sanatoase si frumoase, fetelor.


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